VIDEO: Mixed reactions as controversial, crossdresser, James Brown s3x tape leaks.

James Brown who is believed to be gay, In a video all over the Internet was seen having unprotected s3x with a female whose face was not shown.

In the video, Brown’s face was boldly seen.

Many have now reacted on twitter, wondering what Brown is doing with a woman.

Some even mocked him for having long nails on during the not so pleasant intercourse, scroll down for video.

Below are some reactions of twitter users;

”Seeing James Brown having s3x is yet another proof that the real gay people don’t make noise on social media, the ones making noise are just hustling.

”James Brown still fix nails dey bang woman, Princess of Africow o purrrr.

”That James Brown video has to be the most traumatizing thing I’ve seen this year.

”Thought James brown was g@y? See as the werey burst sperrm full that girl body.

”I’m not surprised James Brown is having s3x with a female but unprotected sex??


Not trying to be a stereotype but has he forgotten he has retroviral disease??

”James brown S3x Tape. Omo this guy na OG with him pink tip James Brown and Bobrisky are just using LGTV to Cashout, James brown wey even look like Pesin wey go like punah too much.

”Why did l search for James Brown’s video,Effects of not minding my business.

”Not James Brown knacking this girl while he was a full set of acrylic nails.

”I don hear James brown part of the story, Body no be fire wood true true. Konji na bastard, I have seen the video, and I wonder what made me see it, sigh, lol.”

Click HERE to watch the video.


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