GOSSIP: Couples That Handcuffed Themselves Instead of Ending Relationship And How It Went.

Upon realizing that their relationship isn't working out, Alexandr Kudlay and Viktoria Pustovitova, a couple from Ukraine decided to get handcuffed together, as a last resort instead of ending their relationship.

Before, the two have remained in a cycle of breaking up and then making up until Alexandr suggested for them to get handcuffed on Valentine's day.

They threw the handcuff keys away and spent the next 123 days together. They showered together, took cigarette breaks, and took turns using the bathroom.

They even went to work together, but Viktoria later lost her job because her patrons weren't comfortable with the man always there while she worked.

The deal was to stay that way until the friction between them is fixed, but contrary to their expectations, being handcuffed together bred more argument.

After 123 days they decided to break the cuffs, ending the relationship for good. The handcuff-breaking was aired on Ukraine's national television.

While they didn't stay together in the end, the couple won a Guinness World Record for the longest time two people have stayed together.

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