JUST IN: Nigerian Soldiers Abducted 15 Villagers And Burnt Them Alive Inside Ohafia Barracks - IPOB

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The attention of the global movement of Indigenous People of Biafra led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has be drawn to the invasion of Biafran Communities in Abia State by the terrorists and jihadists Army masquerading as Nigeria Army. IPOB wish to let the world know that the unabated genocide and ethnic cleansing going on in Biafraland is becoming worrisome. 

The Boko Haram and Bandits recruited into Nigeria Army that were  deployed to the East, in the early morning of today August 19, 2022 invaded the peaceful Communities in Ohafia especially Amaekpu, Amangwu where some persons were adopted and others shot dead. We want the International Community to know that Nigeria Government have started what they did in Biafraland during the genocidal war they unleashed on peaceful Biafrans in 1967-1970.  

Why is Nigeria Military weak in confronting armed men but strong in venting their revenge and frustration on unarmed innocent villagers?

These terrorists inside Nigeria Army adopted 15 innocent people from the invaded Communities, took them into the Ohafia Military barracks and burnt them alive. Also they carried corpses of 27 others they shot dead in this ethnic cleansing operation to their military barracks and buried them in a shallow grave where they normally bury innocent Biafrans they killed. All these barbaric cover-up operations were done to cover the evidences of extrajudicial murdering of our people but they forget that IPOB have their Intel even in the Military hirachy. 

Now that the world and Human Rights groups are silent while our people are being slaughtered.

We don't want to be blamed when the killer military begins  to receive their reward. There is always a pay back time. These terrorists recruited into Nigeria military must know that they are in the death roll. With these unwarranted massacres of innocent Biafrans without provocation, IPOB will never succumb or allow the killers of our people to go scot free.

We are calling on the International Community and Human Right Organisations across the globe especially Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Intersocity and other reputable human rights organisations to carried independent investigation into the gruesome murder of these innocent Biafrans in Ohafia. 

Finally, Abia State Government should intervene and prevail on the Fulani led Government to call to order their terrorists Army massacring and destroying properties in Ohafia Communities. 



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