#ObiDatti: My Take On #Peter Obi In Frankfurt Last Night By Baridueh Badon in Frankfurt, Germany.

In just 2 days of announcement, over 300 people stormed and filled the hall for the event. When I heard about it, I quickly checked my work calendar and prioritised my work to make sure I got there on time. I thought I made a huge sacrifice by taking a 40 minutes transportation to the venue since I live in a city near Frankfurt. 

On getting there, I saw people who drove 4-5 hours from other cities and some from France and the Netherlands. Some said, they just saw the poster online and came to verify.

We where all seated on time. The room was hot all through (most European rooms don't have AC rather a heater) people just sat, fanning themselves. 

We spent 4 good hours with Peter standing all through responding to over 30 questions from the people.

When I asked a young man who didn't know how to navigate Frankfurt because he came from The Netherlands why he had to drive all the way? He said, "I asked myself what was going to be my own sacrifice to this cause of a new Nigeria and my physical presence was the best sacrifice." He got home 4:00 a.m. today.

Mr Obi waited for 2 extra hours taking personal pictures with everyone. We all lined up waiting patiently.

Was his speech all that powerful? Does he manufacture words or what? The answer is No.

He looked like a Pastor preaching Psalms 23 but this time with basic reality. We all know Nigeria's problems, he is just able to give practical solutions and say it the way we want to hear, of course with some examples of governance success in Anambra.  Good governance isn't hard.. we just make it difficult in Africa.

People are yearning for change.. they just saw a man who is ready and identitied with him. #PeterObi is a force bigger than himself. There are times and seasons, this is the time.

The obidients are like ants, no king, no "leader" we just move according. 

With what I saw, once this man asks for campaign money.. Diasporans will over donate. I see N1B in 1 week.

The National anthem never felt soo good.. it was like a worship Song. 
We in diaspora see things quite differently and are dangerous, we have seen and tasted good governance. We have tasted different forms of discrimination because of our place of origin and are hell bent to change thing back home.

You may ask, are we going to vote? The answer is we will fund the struggle. Endsars was a pilot test!! Na money be election. we have the money and will influence the polity.

I twitted the event and have over 100k impressions on some of the tweets already. People asked me to go live. Obidients everywhere! 

A quick question, can other candidates pull such crowd in Germany in just two days? Will people drive 5 hours to listen to them? Peter challenged use to do the same for other candidates and see the response. Can your candidate even stand for 4 hours answering questions? Will 10 people who were not paid to attend leave work to show up?

We even paid an entrance fee of 20 Euro. Na we pay to see our man, others dey pay people to go see their man. We no complain 🤣🤣 no be juju be that? 

There is a writing on the wall!! Read it well. This man is a Man of Issachar!! He knows the times and what Nigerians ought to do!! 


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