2023: My Yoruba Brothers, If Oduduwa Nation was An Independent state, will you be pleased having Tinubu preside over the affairs of your state?

My dear Yoruba brothers supporting Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu to be president of Nigeria at this time, if Oduduwa Nation was an independent state, will you be pleased having him preside over the affairs of your state?

Core Arewa gave us Muhammadu Buhari in 2015 based on the same reason of tribe and religion, they chose buhari over Goodluck Jonathan who was the most capable and competent at that time.

Today, the leadership of Nigeria don’t know exactly what’s going on, leaving everything at the mercy of God, you can see how everywhere is messy.

Posterity might pardon them maybe cos majority are ignorant of what they did, due to the level of Illiteracy over there; and they have learnt reality the hard way, as posterity beckons, what will history talk about you that is well read?

Yeah we will definitely find way to survive, “as we done come, na to go remain” what about our children, the next after us, do you plan a country as bad as Nigeria for them.

For now, I will leave you to your conscience, Up Nepa!! Make i watch BBNAIJA Small..😂


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