Being Tribalistic Is A Good Thing, Same as Saying Family First | Nwokeukwu Mascot

Being tribalistic is same as saying “Family first”. but unfortunately, In Nigeria the word "tribalistic" was demonize in a way that people see it as disparaging and hating others. 

No, it’s far from that!!

In a nutshell, it simple means "Family first”. We are all tribal people that is why we represent our tribe before positioning any other nationality.

There’s no way one can be identified without referring the tribe, this makes us tribal people. For example, I am a proud Igbo man before any other identity, so goes to every other person.

We should start seeing tribal or being tribalistic as may be referred as a mark of honor instead of bigotry. 

If this is not true, why is it that saying “I care so much about my family” is an accolade?

We all are tribal men, so is everybody in Nigeria and beyond. 

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the good people of Biafra, in one of his broadcast explained this, he said;

“Don’t allow people to scare you with  “You are tribalistic”. But do not allow people to use it to misrepresent who you are.”



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