People with “ASUU Strike Affected” Bachelor degrees, Advising a PhD holder |#NwokeukwuMascot .

Can you Imagine? someone in Nigeria that is denied their history, those thought how mongo park discovered river Niger.

Those that didn’t read International history advising an American Professor.

You see this my generation, they can't be better than Buhari, do yourself a favour by googling about Professor Uju Anya and start thinking like her.

An Igbo woman expressed herself the way people of Scotland, and Jews will Express themselves. 

Read about about the Clifford's tower massacre and stop making Mockery of yourself by defending what you don't know.

Do you know that Jewish bones was used to construct road and rails in England? Under the supervision of Elizabeth II.

No way will a typical Nigerian know international history because they don't read beyond Nigeria, how can you even advise those campaigning for agbado and Cassava candidate in 2022.

Now I understand why Educated people voted for an illiterate as President 2015, how professors helped in rigging Muhammadu Buhari into power and defending him for not having ordinary WAEC IN COURT.

Read how Europe underdeveloped Africa? Have you asked yourself why Africa with numerous mineral resources are 3rd world countries? 

Other than pain and sorrow, there’s no memory Queen Elizabeth II and her kinsmen left in Africa. 

Being polite, you dey ma*d for not knowing how England hurt people.


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