The issue of Ancestral curse has become something that is very alarming in African communities. Christianity came to Africa to install in our minds, that our ancestors are evil and bearing their names will bring Ancestral curse to generation upon generation. 

This has created fear in the minds of black Africans who were also told that their black African Ancestors were evil. Africans are so deep into this lie that they pay huge money, inviting pastors and Priests to come to their families to break Ancestral curses through prayers. When the White man first came to Africa in 1700 BCE to 332 BCE down to 1450 in the mid 15th century A.D, he was flabbergasted with our art and culture that he forcefully took many of our artifacts to his country and start making millions from it. These were the artifacts they condemned in the face of our ancestors they slaughtered.

They introduced their repugnancy doctrine in the 19th century that totally demonized our culture and traditions by declaring them barbaric. This doctrine prescribes that the courts shall not enforce any customary law (our traditional laws), if it is contrary to public policy or repugnant to natural justice, equity and good conscience. It was this doctrine they introduced that totally eliminated our culture and declaring it as evil. Germany under the Nazist leader, Adolf Hitler, from 1933 to 1945, killed over 20 million Europeans, 2.4 million blacks and 6 million Jews, yet the economy of Germany is better than third world economy and they are not suffering from Ancestral curses. 

Belgium under King Leopold the second, killed over 15 million Congolese in Africa from 1885 to 1908 yet they have not had Ancestral curses.

In 1943, the madness of the British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, led to the death of 3 million indians in Bengal yet the economy of Britain is better than indian and are not experiencing Ancestral curses. 

The mass genocide the entire Europeans unleashed on Africans during their deplorable inhuman trade called the slave trade, led to the death of over 17 million Africans who were drown to death, killed over 80 million black women and children in America in 1619 and it led to the death of 75 Igbos who committed suicide after taken hold of their slave ship in 1803, yet European economy is still flourishing today. 

Why must Africans be the ones with Ancestral curses when we never killed anyone or carryout mass genocide as the Europeans?

Some of us were given our names without our decision through baptism. Although we were children who don't know anything during child birth. Some of us (like myself), never realized this until all my certificates and documents were written with foreign names. In other not to allow our traditional names to die, i had to go to court to swear an affidavit and added one or two native names (Aches). We celebrate the white man's wedding but yet, the white man do not celebrate our own traditional wedding. In the aspect of Science, African communities depended on traditional medicinal roots where they mix it to cure sickness. 

There was nothing like HIV, Aids, Coronavirus, Ebola or any deadly pandemic or epidemic. Africans treated themselves through their own traditional or native ways. It is an unforgivable historical mistake for the whites to claim that Africa was uncivilized before their arrival.


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