2023: Reason Behind The “AKACHALAYA CANDIDACY” of Hon Erondu.

By Skelzy Ubani

While other politicians in various state constituencies of Abia are expressing their misgivings on the imposition of their  party flag bearers for the forth coming of election come 2023.

The political class and good people of Obingwa West state constituency, have from the inception of this political season, embraced Hon Erondu Uchenna, gone ahead to give him massive and unflinching support.

The collective support which Hon Erondu has received so far should be a course to study for other politicians in Obingwa and beyond, as the people of Uhie calls for individual get-way-door support for their illustrious son, in other to secure this God given mandate.

Igodo has become a house hold name across the constituencies in Abia, as Obingwa West state constituency has become a reference point for other constituencies in our state.

This kind of endorsement, goodwill and support amongst all political stakeholders in Uhie has never been witnessed before in Abia politics, no wonder some people are asking if he is contesting for House of Representatives Senate or Governorship position.

No!! he is not contesting for any of such position. 

Rather, the answer is, Igodo is a bridge builder, that feels the pulse of the people and always available to attend to their respective needs. This is the reason he is a ‘Generally Accepted Candidate.

Therefore, I beseech and call on the conscience of well meaning Uhie people to roll out their mighty drums of support, voting Hon. Erondu to speak for us at the Abia House of Assembly come 2023.



  1. Ikatachaalaya Nwannem, let me add to say that his candidacy doesn't know party. Ndi UHIE dead and living,old and young, poor and rich,xtian and Muslim ticks Him good.


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