Aba RRS Officer threatens to ‘waste’ 17-yrs-old boy after unlawful Arrest, Torture, as Human Rights Group petitions IGP

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“I will waste you and nothing will happen”, an officer with the Rapid Respond Squad, RRS Aba command threatened a 17 years old boy after unlawful arrest and torture. 

Centre for Human Rights Advocacy and Wholesome Society (CEHRAWS) has petition the Inspector General of Police, Nigeria Police Force Headquarters, Abuja; Police Service Commission, Abuja; AIG, Zone 9 Headquarters, Umuahia and other relevant authorities over a matter on professional misconduct and gross rights violation reported to their organization.

CEHRAWS, in a petition obtained by newsmen called on the inspector general of police and Abia State Police Commissioner to Investigate a matter of gross rights violation meted on a 17 years old boy, Ihechi George Emeka, a native of Isu-Njaba community of Isu LGA in Imo State, Nigeria. Who resides with his aunt at No.98 Osusu Road, Aba, Abia.

Stated In the petition, CEHRAWS said Emeka who helps his aunt to run a confectionery and soft drinks shop was on September 29th, 2022, around 1:PM picked up by a team of armed police officers from the Rapid Respond Squad (RRS) over an allegation that he stole a phone of a supposed ‘Force Man’ who came to patronize his aunt.

Till date, Emeka is still in the RRS custody and his aunt has been asked to bring a sum of N130,000 for his bail out.

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The Commissioner of Police, Nigeria Police Force, Abia State Command, Umuahia, Abia State. 

‘The Salvation of the oppressed lies not in the hands of the oppressor but in the hands of the oppressed” 


The above stated referrers. A matter on professional misconduct and gross rights violation was reported to our organization, CEHRAWS is a private, not for profit, non-religious and non-partisan organization based in Abia State. Committed to the entrenchment of democracy, respect for the Rule of Law and the protection of the Universal Human Rights of Nigerians as enshrined in the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and other international conventions, treaties and protocols that have been ratified by the Federal Government of Nigeria. 

Sir, we wish to elucidate on the above subject, which led to the plight of thechi George Emeka, who shall hereinafter referred to as “the victim”, and on whose parents instruction we write you thus. The victim (Ihechi George Emeka), is a teenage boy of 17 years old and a native of Isu-Njaba community of Isu LGA in Imo State, Nigeria. 

He presently resides with his aunt at No.98 Osusu Road, Aba, Abia State. Crux of the matter: On September 29th, 2022, around 1300hr a suspected ‘Force man’ visited 114 Osusu Road, Aba, where the victim’s aunt runs a confectionery and soft drinks shop. 

His demands were attended to by the victim and his aunt in a respectful manner before he left. Few minutes later, he returned alleging that his phone was stolen at the said shop, hence compelled the shop owner and the victim to hand him over the phone which they neither saw nor took from him. 

Although, he was asked to mention his phone number so it could be traced via its ringing tone while dialing it but he practically refused and walked away.

Allegedly, he stormed the said shop with a team of armed police officers from the Rapid Respond Squad (RRS) in a commando style few minutes later, arrested the victim and whisked him away to their Division at Eziama in Aba North LGA, where he is detained till date, after being tortured, dehumanized and coerced to accept being in possession of the said phone. Subsequently, the victim’s aunt’s intervention and visit to the said RRS Division is yet to yield any positive result. Rather it is worsening her condition health wise because of how she was ill treated by one Lawal, the Investigating Police Office (IPO) handling the matter, including the unthinkable sum of One Hundred and Thirty Thousand Naira (N130,000.00) she was asked to pay for the victim’s bail and tracking of the said missing phone. 

Reportedly, the IPO threatened to waste the boy if she delays in coming up with the said sum and as well bragged that nothing can deter him (Lawal) nor question his actions. 


Sir, disappointedly, we consider the said RRS involvement, their absurd antecedents nauseating activities and the IPO’s conduct to be pretty unethical, breach of their operational guideline and crass violation of our extant laws which is liable to erase the remaining confidence the masses have in your institution and by extension could lead to mass action like the ‘EndSars Protest. 

Therefore, CEHRAWS in line with its mandate cannot aid such impunity/violation of our laws by keeping quiet. Also we are certain that your person, office and institution would not aid and abate same which negate its constitutional mandate. 


We hereby demand from you as follows: Your immediate intervention in this matter and the release of thechi George Emeka who is still languishing in detention; The victim’s medical attention, compensation for his confinement and all he has been through in the hands of RRS, including all amount being expended by his aunt in this matter; Compel the said NPF special squad to strictly adhere to their operational guideline, respect the rule of law and also reprimand the IPO (Lawal) and CO for the alleged impunity in order to deter others from such unethical conduct; 


Sir, CEHRAWS will not hesitate to seek further legal action(s) if our demands are not met in due time, although we are very optimistic of your quick intervention and fulfillment of our demands herein, which will definitely boost our confidence in you/your office and as well confirm your outstanding personality to Abians and Nigerians at large.

Thank you so much for your efforts in protecting lives and properties, while we await the usual positive attention and result your office and person have been known for. 

Yours, Okoye, Chuka Peter.


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