Amakama Tree Cave: Famous, Gigantic Tree in Igboland Whose Hollow Can Comfortably House 20 Adults.

Interestingly, one of the biggest and oldest trees in the world, Amakama Wooden Cave, is located in Abia state, Nigeria The gigantic tree, according to a reliable report, is as old as the community in which it is found, Isienyi-Ukwu town of Amakama in Umuahia south LGA It is said that not less than 20 adults can fit into the massive hollow of the tree said to be protested by bees.

Abia state - In the Isienyi-Ukwu town of Amakama in Umuahia south local government area of Abia state is a famous and ancient tree known as Amakama Wooden Cave. What makes Amakama Cave unusual is the fact that it has a huge hollow that can comfortably contain up to 20 adults.

The gigantic size of the hollow is linked to the fact that the tree is said to be as old as the ancient community of Amakama in which it is located.

It was gathered that the tree dates back to the era of slavery when it served as a refuge for persons who were fleeing from colonial and slave masters.

Another interesting fact about Amakama Cave is that it is protected by bees, and this is scientifically factual as animals "...use hollows as diurnal or nocturnal shelter sites, as well as for rearing young, feeding, thermoregulations, and tofacilitate ranging behaviour and dispersal".

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