DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: Woman Cries Out For Help As Abusive Husband Threatens Her.

I tried to avoid doing this because of how I was raised and because of my boys. But I have been pushed and it's time for the world to hear my voice and my side of story.

I left my marriage on the 15th of April 2022 because my life was almost taken away by the man I called my husband. I'm That woman who stood and was ready to build a beautiful  family with Mr Obarijima Yorgba. 

I had a beautiful dream planned, but the more I tried, the more my life was being threatened. I've been treated like nobody for years, I suffered in silence, beaten like a common criminal and abused publicly time and time!

A lot of people had seen my nakedness in some cases when Obarijima will beat me severely, tore and destroyed my clothes in the process.

I have lost my memory before but God restored it, I have wounds and marks on my body today because of Obarijima. 

I was depressed and almost gave up but God saved me.

Despite all these, I was still married to Mr Obarijima.... Not until he started spoiling my name to friends, family members, co- workers and church members, those that believed him did and resisted me, adding more harm to my situation.

A lot happened to me, then I decided to take that bold step not minding what the world will say, because I have every reason to stay alive if not for anything for my boys! 

So I left the marriage to stay alive but my life is being threatened by this Vampire till now and my business is also being threatened saying he will kill me and destroy my business and bring me down.

I want the world to be aware.

It's not that I'm scared of Obarijima Yorgba because he's not my God, but if he tries to hurt me or my boys again! My God will kill him for every pain he made me go through in his house! 

My blood he constantly spilt will speak against him and everyone he's working with let the judgement of God befall them. 




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