How Billionaire Ex-Apple Founder, Steve Jobs, Renounced Christianity Because Of Biafra.

Late American billionaire business magnate and former Apples founder, Steve Jobs, renounced christianity and subsequently discontinued going to church because of Biafra.

In a bestselling authorized biography written by Walter Isaacson, it was revealed that Biafra had something to do with Mr. Jobs’ renunciation of Christianity.

As a 13-year-old, the late inventor extraordinaire had confronted his Lutheran Church pastor with a photograph of two starving Biafran children on the cover of Life magazine.

The young Steve asked his teacher whether God was aware of the plight of the children.

Once he was assured that divine omniscience implied that God had such knowledge, Steve Jobs, there and then, announced his divorce from Christianity.

Below is an excerpt from the biography;

Even though they were not fervent about their faith, Jobs’s parents wanted him to have a religious upbringing, so they took him to the Lutheran church most Sundays.

That came to an end when he was thirteen. In July 1968 Life magazine published a shocking cover showing a pair of starving children in Biafra.

Jobs took it to Sunday school and confronted the church’s pastor. “If I raise my finger, will God know which one I’m going to raise before I do it?”

The pastor answered, “Yes, God knows everything.”

Jobs then pulled out the Life cover and asked, “Well, does God know about this and what’s going to happen to those children?”

“Steve, I know you don’t understand, but yes, God knows about that.”

Jobs announced that he didn’t want to have anything to do with worshipping such a God, and he never went back to church.

Jobs died at his home in California, around 3 p.m. on Wednesday, October 5, 2011, due to complications from a relapse of islet-cell pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor, which resulted in respiratory arrest.

He had lost consciousness the day before and died with his wife, children, and sisters at his side.


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