Leadership of Ngwa students, visits Abia PDP GUBER candidate, prof Eleazar Ikonne. Reassures focus on the Ngwa course, open to other Candidates.

By Ugwuala Cherechi Victor, President Nationwide and Diaspora

Federation of NGWA Students "F.N.S" is for Ngwa Course and will forever continue to Strive for the Same Objectives and Visions of our Founder Dr George Nwigwe of Blessed Memories and Won't Relent to remember the Strives, Toils and  Challenges that Gave birth to Federation of NGWA Students as an association.

Few Hours Back:

The Foremost and Apex Body of NGWA students Association "F.N.S" which existed in 1953 as documented led It's Delegation and Chapter Presidents to kick Start and Identify with our Own.

We visited and identified with Professor Eleazar Uchenna Ikonne  as our Teacher, Lecturer, Rector, Vice Chancellor, an F.N.S member and a Life Member of NGWA Students community (Note: "Learning Doesn't end till Death"). Prof is a Real Ngwa Man, Who Believes in NGWA Course. He has always supported F.N.S members and Ngwa Youths and F.N.S we Believe he can do More.

We don't have money as students to give him or support him, but we know 'Prof' as a Person and with Him, There is Hope and Light in the Education Sector of an Abia Student and Ngwa Nation. As Students from NGWA Clan in different Institutions Worldwide who have obtained their PVC, we are Ready to Re-Create and play Active Participant Role in our Generational Development & Youths Inclusiveness; It's time to pay Back and Support everyone who supported Students, Youths and More especially Feel the Pains of Education in this our Present Dispensation.

F.N.S  as an association is open to receive any Ngwa Candidate who feels worried and determine to Foster and Promote Education among Ngwa Indigent Students, Residents of Aba Ngwa Land and Patriots of NGWA Nation; Remember we are 7 LGA in One and perhaps the most United and Oneness amongst 774 LGA in Nigeria because Federation of Ngwa Students and it's Stakeholders including all Concerned  NGWA Youths "Having Stand the Test of Time, 69 years" is out to exercise Franchise as a Basic Right come 2023 General Elections.

We know among us are Students whose Interest and Believe is beyond Political Party as an Association but we won't Relent to Clamour for Good Governance & Government, Human Capital Development and Youths Self Reliance.

We have been Deceived, Ignored, Disdained and most especially Some persons who we gave our Mandate have Reluctantly hide away our Rights, Basic Obligations, our Civic Responsibilities as Students & Youths (Future) of Abia Students among this is to help The Poor, Give Alms to the Needy, Support the Less Privileged & Widows, improve education which many of you Enjoyed 'FREE' and most importantly Build the Youths but Many "Refused" and Make Pledges & Promises they will purposely not Fulfill.

Remember from Today, If you are From NGWA land, You Reside in Ngwa land and you Love NGWA Culture, Traditions, Norms, Values and  Believes please Build the Youths and Support Education.

"Prof said He already Has 40% for the Youths in his Governance Structure" Prof also Promised "TIGER ECONOMY". Indeed Prof Ikonne is our Teacher, Lecturer and Our Own. He knows everything about Management, Management Strategies, Administrative Skills & Qualities and Professor Ikonne is well Known to F.N.S, He is our Member.

F.N.S have Come to Stay.

F. N.S .......

Umunna Bu Ike ✊🏽🤝🏽.


  1. Have fns endorse a candidate Among all ?

    If yes let's watch and see the outcome


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