Microscopic Photograph of Ant’s Face Submitted to Nikon Competition Goes Viral

Video the Ant’s Face Submitted to Nikon Competition.

An extremely close-up shot of an ant’s face has gone viral online. 

The photograph was taken by Lithuanian wildlife photographer Dr. Eugenijus Kavaliauskas, who, according to The New York Post, captured the image magnified five times under a microscope. 

Kavaliauskas submitted the photograph, titled “Ant (Camponotus)” to the Nikon Small World Photography Competition, though it didn’t ultimately merit an award.

Kavaliauskas photographed birds of prey in the past and recently started delving into insects.

“I’m always looking for details, shadows, and unseen corners. The main goal of photography is to be a discoverer,” he told Insider. “I am fascinated by the Creator’s masterpieces and the opportunity to see God’s designs.”

He continued, saying that “there are no horrors in nature.”

This year was the 48th year of the annual Nikon competition, which focuses on microscope photography.

While Kavaliauskas’ image didn’t crack the Top 20 and Honorable Mentions categories, he did make it as one of 57 Images of Distinction. 

“When I first started with microphotography, I, too, thought all beetles looked a little like monsters,” he told Insider.

“But now, I’ve gotten used to it, and am surprised that there are so many interesting, beautiful, and unknown miracles under our feet.” 

He won a Nikon item that’s priced at $35. The top prize, which included $3,000 in cash, was given to Grigorii Timin and Michel Milinkovitch’s image, titled “Embryonic hand of a Madagascar giant day gecko (Phelsuma grandis).”


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