Muslims Storm Polaris Bank in Droves To Close Accounts, Cites Islamophobia.

- By Aminu Soja

Following a leaked email demanding that Muslims who work in Polaris Bank, especially their YES centre stop going for prayers on Fridays, many Muslims across the country have stormed the bank to demand that their accounts be closed immediately.

In a circulating Facebook post from Aminu Soja, he said “We trooped into the Bigot Bank this morning to withdraw and close our account.

He went further to say, “But unfortunately unable to do so. after i withdrew all funds living almost zero Naira, i then requested bank account closing form, the lady at the customer care shouted what happen Alahaji, i replied "Nosin" with my hausa dialect, she stood up and ushered me to manager's office, and said; "Sir same problem" the manager stood up and shook my hands and instructed me to sit down while he round up with someone who i believed he also come for same issue.

"The manager greeted me with slight bow accompanied with charming smiling as if we are familiar, he said Baruka da Jumoo, i answered barka dai with frowned face." 

"He is a yoruba muslim with prayer dot on his forehead, he tried to convince me not to close the account but my obstinate conservative emotions told me no.

“Until he gathered others staffs to help him including an igbo lady who borrow headscarf to cover her head to talk to conservative muslim, though because of the kindness of the manager i walkout without accomplishing the mission.

"Nevertheless notwithstanding i withdrew all my money and believe many also did same, our action will serves as deterrent to potential bigot who don't want to live peace."


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