By Chief Akajiugo Charles Nwangwa

POLITICIANS hate very intelligent and resourceful persons. They don’t like people who are standing on their two feet and with high moral grounds.

Same they don’t want independent minded persons. They hold industrialists at the jugular. They do this because they want permanently people that will always flatter them, cringe and genuflect before them. Above all OBEY or FALL IN LINE.

If you don’t have any skeletons in your cupboard the GODFATHER can never be comfortable with you. Saving and protecting you over the skeletons is what gives them power over you.  At any point you try to flex he will remind you of what consequences await you.

The control by the ultimate boss hinges on your insecurity which is a fallout of your peccadilloes and dirty baggage.

Look at what is happening both locally and nationally now and in all Parties. Either your EFCC file is flashed at you, licence revoked or the juicy post you occupy directly or by proxy threatened or your university days recalled. You can even be rusticated retroactively or certificate withdrawn.

For those who rise through cultism and brigandage the GODFATHER or Sovereign ensure you have one unfinished case of MURDER, ROBBERY, RAPE or ARSEN hidden to gather dust with the DPP and so it remains frozen forever as long as you kowtow.

This is why you will see a supposed political juggernaut rake and threaten to leave Party or part ways even have a press conference and all of a sudden or at the eve of a major political event they will recant and say they have RECONCILED.

YES reconciliation indeed! The subject have reconciled option of going to jail and losing all what ‘he worked for’.

I therefore warn us all towards taking sides or thinking there is a dichotomy or an ascerbity.  They will all fall in line.

That is why very successful men and professionals run away from politics.

📍Melchizedek Ville, Umuomei.


  1. Chief Akajiugo always on point.

    1. Kingsley nwabeke is not anonymous


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