Prof ACB Agbazuere; The Man We Can Trust.

By G S Ogochukwu Nwaokeoma

Prof ACB Agbazuere the Isiala-Ngwa North and South federal House of Representative PDP Flag-Bearer.

The Man We Can Trust;

In order to be rated a good man in any field of endeavor; one must show himself better than his peers or equals, he must be more steady, or more trustworthy, or more skilled, and humorous.

Sometimes the good man could also be the man who, no matter how morally unworthy he has been, moves to become better than ever.

It is needless wasting more time describing who or what a good man should be, as we have a typical example of one in Prof ACB Agbazuere (Egbe Mgburu Agu 1 of Ngwa Land).

Those who have been privilege to come in contact or relate closely with Prof. ACB Agbazuere will certainly attest to my message of how good a man he is.

Oweh as he is fondly called by friends and political allies is a man who thinks of others before self, not minding his height in the academia world and societal status, he is so down to earth that he relates freely with all irrespective of class or societal attainment.

As a unifier, a selfless manager, and using his wealth of knowledge and robust skills, if elected, Within  a shortest time Isiala Ngwa South and North will witness a new given constituency, he will restore the dignity and the lost glory of that Constituency.

As one of the few great lovers and custodian of tradition, and as one who understands the yearnings of the people, who also feels the pulse of his people, going by his good track records, Prof. ACB will never come to me as a surprise, neither will it be a mistake if the good people of Isiala Ngwa North and South vote for him.

He's going to bring a lasting peace in some of the rural communities been ravaged by communal disputes.

Rare gems like Prof. ACB deserves nothing less than continuous prayers and encouragement of all lovers of good men.

šŸ“Isikor Village, Mgboko UMUANUNU Ancient Kingdom.


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