The Nigerian Civil war, a ‘war world powers fought against Biafra | #NwokeukwuMascot

By Prof Uju Anya

They invaded Biafra_ to continue tapping the 'free' oil in the then Eastern Region which the Ojukwu led Region couldn't guarantee them.

Britain led as confirmed by Buhari with Shell as the arrowhead.

The United States came in and were rewarded with Gulf (Chevron), Mobil and #Texaco deals.

Italy supported and got Eni Oil deals.

France reluctantly came in and secured TotalOil deals.

Former USSR came and there was no oil deal but they got the contract to supply the AK-47s, T-72 tanks and the MIG Fighter jets that massacred the people.

For the West, oil was the issue, human beings were mere pawns on the chessboard of war.

This is one major reason History was erased from the Education curriculum.


Note: This page does not promote violence or panic.


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