Ukraine Discovers Box of Gold Teeth Allegedly Pulled from Victims of Russian Torture.

Ukraine has discovered a box of gold teeth pulled from victims at a Russian torture chamber, where people were buried alive.

The violence was allegedly inflicted on residents, veterans, and soldiers at the makeshift facility, found by investigators in the liberated Pisky-Radkivski village in the eastern Kharkiv region.

Photos appeared to show evidence that gold teeth had been pulled from torture victims, with dozens of dentures piled into a clear plastic box.

Another image (swipe left) showed a gas mask, which investigators said was used with a smouldering rag to torment the prisoners by forcing them to inhale smoke.

Other signs suggested Russians had buried their captives alive or abused them with a sex toy.

The torture chamber, one of dozens discovered in areas formerly occupied in the war-torn country, was found by police earlier this week.

At least 10 torture sites have been discovered by Ukrainian investigators in the Kharkiv region, which was largely liberated by a lightning counter-offensive.

Freed locals have described being beaten and abused by their occupiers in a months-long ordeal for those living in Russian-held areas of Ukraine.

One man told Ukrainian media that he had been physically and psychologically abused at a similar site in another village, with his head and ribs pummeled by Russian soldiers.

Photo credit: Serhii Bolvinov
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