Way to ABHA 2023: Legislature/lawmaking, as a Branch or Arm of Government.

by Nwokeukwu Mascot Nnamdi

Before the advent of legislatures, laws were dictated by mostly monarchs(Ndi Okemmadu), on laid down principles of traditional rites and custom.

Their responsibility was not different from the today’s lawmakers.

These responsibilities includes; passing laws, establishing communal budgets, confirming leaders(today’s executives), ratifying treaties, investigating those executing laws, impeaching and removing from office faulted members of the executive and judiciary, lastly redressing constituents’ grievances(Iwe Ndi Mmadu).

I’m sure many are battling with the question of why I always re-emphasize on the primary responsibility of a lawmaker.

We are in a generation where informations or should I say’ Education is handy, and those with internet enabled phones don’t know the responsibility of a legislator.

As unfortunate as it may be, we will have to continue the sensitization or better said, the public education of the sole responsibility/role of a Legislator(Senator, House of Rep and state house member) In governance.

That’s by the way(topic for another day). Nevertheless, the above established facts can’t be achieved if the honorable member does not have an existing platform through which he/she communicates with the constituents.

Relating this to the candidacy of the Peoples Democratic Party’s flag bearer for Obingwa west state house of Assembly, Elder Erondu Uchenna Erondu, he already has an established medium, through which he communicates to his constituents.

He’s sound, has listening ear and feels pulse of the people; his numerous achievements can attest to that.

Support him, educate others to do same by joining the Igodo Igwe Movement, for the well being of the good people of Uhie Constituency and beyond.



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