If Only Nigeria Was A Sane Clime, Where Things Worked As It Should.

By Marvelous Nnatu

Ordinarily, in a normal country with majority of its citizens gifted with common sense, by now Bola Ahmed Tinubu-APC and Atiku Abubakar ought to be apologising to Nigerians and not campaigning to be given another opportunity to mount the saddle of leadership.

But this is Nigeria, a crime scene and the theater of the absurd where anything that destroys humanity is permissible. 

A country of moral infidels, who spend more time in religious houses, attend pilgrimages in Middleeast and Arabic nations for spiritual cleansings yet besotted with mind boggling wickedness and hatred for themselves, humanity and their neighbors.

It is a primitive society where all types of wickedness and cruelties are encouraged to serve ethnic agenda and religious interests.

There is no way you can reconcile the fact that inspite of the horrendous condition in the North that the core North will always stand behind Buhari even if it means destroying the rest of humanity.

And make no mistake about it the Emilokan faithfuls are telling Nigerians that they would prefer Nigeria to sink than allow anyone take their turn to ruin Nigeria on the altar of ethnic and religious interest.

But let's be clear about this. Majority of the Hausa Fulani will vote Atiku Abubakar along ethnic and religious sentiment. You don't need me to educate you on this. Atiku himself, already highlighted this when he urged them not to vote Yoruba or Igbo except him.

In the same vein, majority of the Yorubas even those who we thought ought to have been transformed by good education but sadly still thrive on primitive mindset will always choose a Tinubu over anyone else based on the same ethnic and religious sentiment. These educated folks scattered across Europe and US are the real enablers of the Emilokan mandate. You will do well to pay little attention to what many of them tell you online.

Igbos will vote Peter Obi and rightly so, because he is not only the best in terms of service delivery with evidence, but in terms of zoning and based on the federal character representation he is the most qualified. Secondly and more importantly, he is not a common thief like others.

But that's not my argument today.

From the bile, hatred, anger, insults etc Nigerians exhibit online factored on ethnic and religious rivalry it is clear that we ought not to be campaigning for election but for division or atleast find a workable way to manage our differences.

Nigeria is simply unworkable.

It was for this same reason that Europe was divided along ethnic lines. They realised long ago that they would perish together under one powerful government.

It was for this same reason that the United Kingdom inspite of her enlightenment and age long civilisation realised they couldn't live together as one and decided to create 4 countries - Wales, England, Northern Ireland and Scotland with their own distinct parliaments to manage her differences.

Even the type of hate and acrimony that exist between France, Germany and England during football matches is enough to tell you they can't survive under one country.

The current war in Ukraine is ethnic driven not necessary about economy or other interests the West peddle about.

Yet, somehow in our primitive enclosures, we think that it is possible for us to grow above ethnic sentiment to build a nation where humanity thrive. You think that a country made up of more than 250 ethnic groups have a chance at modeling its own civilisation.

Some even claim to be waiting on God to tell them the will of God for Nigeria. How insensitive, callous and diversionary some of us can be in our quest to tread on ignorance beats me. This is simply misapplication of spiritual gift.

Even the Asian tigers understand this ethnic underpinning in nation building. They didn't consult God to sort themselves out. They used their God given wisdom.

Thus, Singapore separated from Malaysia. Today both countries are doing very well. There was no civil war.

India separated from Pakistan. Today India is doing well while Pakistan is building bombs. 

I love Peter Obi. I support his Presidential aspiration. I am campaigning for him to be given the chance to give Nigerians life for 8 years.

But even in my support I will not want him to overreach himself. The earlier we realise that win or lose, Peter Obi can not cure the wickedness and primitive hatred that reside in the heart of average Nigerians against their neighbours the better for all of us.

The anger, bitterness, envy, madness etc exhibited online against Peter Obi is driven by ethnic and religious sentiment. They are mad because for once since 1970, an Igboman who has a real chance of becoming President is on the ballot paper.

The truth is that millions of Nigeria would prefer Nigeria to die than see an Igbo man become President even if he has what it takes to rescue them from the life of eternal slavery. Igbo hate is the reason why Nigeria has never moved forward since the civil war. 

At the end you all will still re-align with the position of Biafran agitators which is the fact that Nigeria is deeply divided along ethnic and religious lines and dissolution serves her best interest.


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