Why I sang ‘Shey You Dey Whine Me Ni’ by Austine De Bull

Until late October 2022, Austine De Bull was relatively unknown, at least not outside the shores of Ogoniland, River State, not until luck shone on him.

Austine De Bull

Move over, Kizz Daniel; there is a new musician in town. Until late October 2022, Austine Emmanuel, aka Austine De Bull, was relatively unknown, at least not outside the shores of Ogoniland, River State. Not until luck shone on him and the video of his debut single, ‘Shey You Dey Whine Me Ni‘ went viral on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

That was all it took for the drummer-turned-musician to get his big break in the 12th year of his music career.

The viral hit was accompanied by a music video that brings up memories of Nigerian indigenous gospel singer Agnes Iro’s ‘Ladder Ladder’ (follow the ladder to heaven) song.

After the upload on streaming channels on 28th October, Nigerians on social media realised that the viral track ‘Shey you dey whine me ni’ is a gospel song.

In an interview with Cool FM Port Harcourt on Thursday, monitored by PREMIUM TIMES, the singer, who described himself as a worship leader who leads a team of indigenous worshippers, revealed he sang the song to shut naysayers up.

During his interview, the singer, who speaks the Khana (kana) language of Ogoni land, said: “People never believed I could do this. Even when I met with many of them, they discouraged me by saying ‘you that have never sung before, how are you going to do it.”

Speaking on his naysayers’ reaction to his success, he said, “Currently, it’s playing in their ears.”

The young singer revealed that he had been in the music industry for over a decade before eventually taking to singing.

He said, “I’ve been making music since 2010, but I came into the music industry as a drummer. This is the first time I’m making music as a singer. I was surprised because I never expected it to go this big.”

He disclosed that the women who danced in the video were excited to know the song had gone far.

He said, “most of them are doing fine. It was fascinating for them.”

He explained that he now has a team managing him and would bring new content to keep the fire burning.

“I’m working harder to bring in new content, and everything is left within my management. I don’t have anybody yet that I want to collaborate (with). Hopefully, I’m still praying because it is Christain music. If it has not been confirmed divinely, I don’t want to jump over anything.’’


The singer derived the song’s title from the slang used by Nigerians to ask if they are being lied to or flattered in Pidgin. (“Are you kidding me?” or “Are you for real?”).

The Port Harcourt-based singer also confirmed that he believes the song is blowing up the airwaves because of the slang.

He said: “I think, for the most part, there is the popular or street slang ‘you dey whine me ni’. I feel that’s why most people love the song.”

As part of Nigerian Pop culture, popular skit-makers Lasisi Elenu and Broda Shaggi use the slang as comic expressions.

Also, Nigerian artist Burna boy used it in his part on the ‘Sungba’ remix-

“Agata oya dapada (Pepper Jor).


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