Ifunanya Excel Grant

"I'm an actress and model. Though, I smoke cigar, it's not meant to celebrate my call to Bar..."

A young lawyer, Ifunanya Excel Grant has reacted to a viral post allegedly made by her on social media to celebrate her call to bar.

The pictures which has since elicited controversial responses especially by lawyers had the young lady appear in a provocative dress, smoking cuban cigar, and was tagged “I Made it! I’m forever proud of myself! A BARRISTER & a STONER, sometimes a gangster. Celebrate with Me”.

However, Miss Ifunanya in a statement denied the said post, saying it did not originate from her as she is not on social media; and she is not a Gangster but an actress and model.

The statement reads: “My name is Ifunanya Excel Grant. I came across the article written about me and I will like to make an official DISCLAIMER.

First and foremost the Facebook account where the displayed pictures were gotten from is not run by me. That account is a catfish account.”

According to the lawyer and model, the post is the handiwork of scammers who steal her pictures, and create fake accounts pretending to be her.

“I am an Instagram model and a lot of scammers steal pictures from my page and create fake accounts pretending to be me just to scam people.

I am not on Facebook or any other social media app. The statement “I Made it! I’m forever proud of myself! A BARRISTER & a STONER, sometimes a gangster. Celebrate with Me” was not written by me.”

She clarified that she is not a Gangster and the picture with a cuban cigar was for modelling purposes, and not for her Call to Bar Celebration.

She added that she is currently not involved in the practice of law and asked the general public to be wary of those who want to tarnish her image.

She said, “I AM NOT A GANGSTER or a stoner or anything of such. I was called to bar on the 28th of July, 2021. That was over a year ago.

The pictures of me smoking my Cuban cigar (which is the only thing I smoke) was not a picture to celebrate my call to bar. I am an actress and a model.

I do not practice law at the moment and those pictures are for modeling and acting purposes only."


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