It is illegal to appoint an accountant general who is not a Director of Finance in Abia State | #NwokeukwuMascot

By Promise Uzoma Okoro

Dr Alex Chioma Otti

Alex Otti must rescind the appointment Njum Onyemenam of as Accountant of Abia.

At this point, it is very clear that our Governor have not read the rules guiding the civil service if not he won't have hijacked someone from Lagos who is not a Director of Finance and appoint her Accountant General.

The Abia State House of Assembly is duty bound to reject this appointment and advice the new Governor accordingly.

This is not Diamond or Signature Bank where he can hire and fire without following due process.

Njum Onyemenam

Nobody can be the Accountant General of the Federation without going through the civil service of the Federation.

Nigeria Labour Congress Abia State, you betrayed Ikpeazu due to selfishness, this is time to defend yourself.


  1. You never made any useful or meaningful contribution all through the 8yrs of absolute misrule by the past PDP led administration in Abia.
    I am so glad that enemies of the state like you can actually make a comment, regardless of how antagonistic/baseless it is. If you had taken this part in the last 8yrs,Abia wouldn't be in the bottomless pit it is now.

    H.E Dr Alex Otti (the executive governor of our dear state) I know, is a super intelligent and wise man that can never fall for your cheap set-up in the name of civil service ,to avoid distraction and sabotage.
    The new Abia is fresh and has already taken off ,though to your severe disappointment.
    The Abia of old went through a rigorous surgery before her rebirth and has been re-dedicated..
    The governor will envoke his powers and Executive order to get things right.
    I therefore advice you give way for a moving train which will not be fair to but crush anti-government and non-progressives.
    Have a rethink and join the progressive now for a better Abia of our dream.
    Support Dr Alex Otti for fresh Abia state

    1. Best comment ever

    2. Hangers on like you should give our Governor a chance. Can't see that Abia State is in Life support & she needs expatriates touch.


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