Dog lover tackles Hilda Baci, Enioluwa for cooking, eating dog meat | #NwokeukwuMascot

Hilda | Eniola

Chef Hilda Baci and influencer, Enioluwa have incurred the wrath of a dog lover for allegedly turning her ‘babies’ into a delicacy.

The lady who identified herself as Jackie Idimogu, President of My Dog and I group, expressed a feeling of betrayal considering that she supported Hilda during her cook-a-thon only to get ‘stabbed in the back’ by cooking and eating dogs.

In the referenced video, Hilda was at a table with Enioluwa with a range of Akwa Ibom delicacies where she tried convincing him to have a taste of the dog meat.

“I’m so livid right now. During the cook-a-Thon, members of the My Dog and I group wore their shirts to go and support Hilda. 

Dogs were present at the cook-a-thon to support Hilda. Now imagine my surprise this evening, scrolling through Instagram, and then I see on a news blog that this same Hilda posted that she is eating a dog with Eniola.” a visibly unhappy Idimogu said in a video she made and shared to her Instagram Reel.

“I’m disappointed in Eniola because you are supposedly the president of Gen Z. He insisted he did not eat the dog, but I will never be found on a table where dog meat is being served. You won’t see me there for nothing. 

“So whether he ate the dog (meat), I don’t know about that. But even sitting at a table where the delicacy being served is dog meat. That’s a taboo.” 

She expressed fear that dogs may be at risk coming around Hilda as all she thinks of when she sees them are spices to garnish their meat and what delicacy to make with them.

She called for Hilda to be ‘cancelled’ for giving a wrong representation of Nigeria as a country of dog eaters.

Baci only recently brought the eyes of the world to Nigeria when he cooked for 100 hours in an attempt to break the 87 hours and 45 minutes Guiness World Record held by London-based Indian Chef Lata Tondon.


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