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Dr Aham Uko

The immediate-past Commissioner for Finance in Abia State, Dr Aham Uko, is a Man that I have had much respect for.

To start with, he has a mien that is naturally charismatic. Surely, he is brilliant and carries himself with a modicum of self-confidence and signs of ability to push through his opinions based on conviction.

Apart from being well-educated, Dr Aham Uko  is one that easily points at two political pedigrees that could easily intimidate any political neophyte. Dr Aham Uko comes from Ohuhu-Umuahia, the home of origin of the late political whiz kid and Premier of defunct Eastern Region of Nigeria, Dr M.I. Okpara.

According to records, as Premier of defunct Eastern Region of Nigeria, late Dr Michael Iheonukara Okpara, was able to turn Eastern Nigerian Economy as the fastest in the world as at 1st January, 1966, through the instrumentality of Agriculture.

He was a sage who combined discipline, knowledge, patriotism, courage, honesty and transparency to give the people of the Region the best. Dr Aham Uko should not have been a far cry from his kinsman.

Still on pedigree, Dr Aham Uko is a nephew of the late political colossus of the Niger Delta People, the very 'beautiful' captivating Chief Dappa Biriye of the Ancient Bonny Kingdom. Whoever that takes even a cursory glance at Dr Aham Uko would be seeing a larger picture of that Great Advocate of Social Justice.

It is, therefore, quite disheartening and disappointing that Dr Aham Uko, despite his pedigree, has chosen to play to the gallery.

I have just read a publication in which Dr Aham Uko, of all persons, is disgracefully reported to have claimed that he resigned from the immediate-past Government of Dr Okezie Ikpeazu as Honourable Commissioner for Finance because of Governor Ikpeazu's refusal to take his advice on good governance, especially his desire that Pensioners be paid their monthly pensions.

I am sadly surprised that a Man like Dr Aham Uko could, from nowhere and for no justifiable reason, resort to tow the path of laughable act of treachery and buffoonery.

How on Earth does Dr Aham Uko think he could be exonerated from whatever he assumes were the mistakes or failures of the Dr Okezie Ikpeazu Administration?

It appears that Dr Aham Uko is being an unfortunate example of a common saying by my good people of Asa. They say, 'Passing 6 Is Not Passing Sense'. Dr Aham Uko has all the material bookish knowledge but, unfortunately, is completely bereft of wisdom and common sense.

Since Dr Aham Uko has opted to dance naked in the market with his poorly- circumcised short penis dangling between his two thighs, it is imperative that he is reminded that opinions, suggestions or pieces of advice a Member of the State Executive Council has for his Principal, that is the Governor, is conveyed through Notes, Briefs or Executive Council Memoranda.

As Honourable Commissioner for Finance, Dr Aham Uko should have pointed out to the Public the specific Note, Brief or Memo that he had presented to the State Executive Council on payment of Pensioners or generally on 'Good Governance' that Governor Okezie Ikpeazu was, in any way or manner, opposed to.

Dr Aham Uko has only succeeded in portraying himself as a very irresponsible treacherous character. If he were sincere that Governor Okezie Ikpeazu was not taking his 'advice on good Governance', why did he wait until it was only three months for the Administration of Governor Okezie Ikpeazu to elapse before tendering his resignation?

It is, indeed, unfortunate that Dr Aham Uko, I mean Dr Aham Uko, could, out of pettiness and porosity of thought, summersault from a height many people had thought was Olympian to a depthless abbys of moral decadence and destruction of repute.

Dr Aham Uko does not know the implication of this inconsequential prank he has unwarrantedly and avoidably reduced himself to. Henceforth, wherever he is sighted, the impression would be, That Treacherous Character Is Here'. That spontaneous consciousness of the presence of an unwanted betrayer of Oath of Office, would signal the End of Discussion.

Sir Don Ubani was Deputy Chief of Staff to Governor Okezie Ikpeazu in the Office of the Deputy Governor. As always, he writes from Asa.


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