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Dr Alex Otti

Alex Otti reneging on his campaign and inaugural speech promises has no better description than clear signs of lack of direction and proper planning.

Firstly, Strategic planning is a process that helps organizations define their direction and make decisions on allocating resources to pursue their goals. It involves setting objectives, identifying strategies to achieve those objectives, and creating action plans to implement those strategies.

However, below are early signs of lack of strategic planning:

1.) Lack of clear goals and objectives: Without strategic planning, there may be a lack of clarity regarding the organization’s long-term goals and objectives.This can result in a lack of focus and direction in decision-making processes.

2.) Reactive decision-making: Without a strategic plan, governance may tend to be reactive rather than proactive. Decisions may be made in response to immediate issues or crises, rather than being based on a long-term vision and strategy.

3.) Inconsistent decision-making: In the absence of strategic planning, decision-making may lack consistency. Different individuals or groups within the governance structure may make decisions based on their own priorities or interests, leading to a lack of coherence and coordination.

4.) Lack of alignment: Without strategic planning, different departments or units within the organization may operate in silos, pursuing their own objectives without considering the overall strategic direction. This can result in a lack of alignment and coordination across the organization.

5.) Missed opportunities: Without a strategic plan, governance may fail to identify and capitalize on opportunities for growth and improvement. There may be a lack of foresight and proactive thinking, leading to missed opportunities for innovation and development.

6.) Lack of accountability: Strategic planning helps to establish clear roles and responsibilities, as well as performance metrics to measure progress. Without this, governance may lack accountability, making it difficult to track and evaluate the effectiveness of decision-making and overall performance.

7.) Inefficient resource allocation: Without a strategic plan, resource allocation may be ad hoc and based on short-term needs rather than long-term priorities. This can result in inefficient use of resources and missed opportunities for investment in critical areas.

8.) Lack of communication and engagement: Strategic planning provides a framework for communication and engagement with stakeholders. Without it, governance may struggle to effectively communicate its vision, goals, and progress to internal and external stakeholders, leading to a lack of trust and engagement.

9.) Difficulty in adapting to change: Without strategic planning, governance may struggle to adapt to changing external environments or market conditions. There may be a lack of agility and responsiveness, making it difficult to navigate uncertainties and seize emerging opportunities.

10.) Decline in overall performance: Ultimately, the absence of strategic planning and direction in governance can lead to a decline in overall performance. Without a clear vision and strategy, organizations may struggle to achieve their goals, maintain competitiveness, and ensure long-term sustainability.

Dr Otti who said this on the 29th paragraph of his inauguration speech, and I quote: “Having laid the foregoing foundation, it gives me pleasure to announce that within the next few days, we shall commence the payment of May 2023 salaries and pensions to all civil servants and retirees in the State. There shall be no more distinction between the so-called “core” and “non-core” civil servants”.

Yesterday, his aides celebrated the payment of the so-called “core” civil servants June salary, without paying teachers, health workers, retirees etc.. reneging on his promised commitment of not separating core and non core civil servants.

Recall that he said he will be paying May salaries few days after inauguration, which he ended up paying June, counting April and May as arrears.

The truth is that no one expect him to bring down heaven to Abia in a month, but there should be clear direction and plan following his campaign promises of how investors will be flood into ABIA following his pronouncement as Governor.

The month old Governor is running Abia as a sole administrator, a one man show. the lack of communication is alarming, up until this moment only God knows if there is plan of having a cabinet, his Advisers have been dishing instructions to permanent secretaries which shouldn’t be so.

In as much as I agree to the fact that strategic planning is a systematic process that takes time, this process should not be void of direction, there should be a defined mission and objective.

Otti should tune down his pride and communicate to us what have changed and the difficulties he’s facing and should not be allowed to run Abia like an emperor.

Lastly, setting up a panel of inquiry to witch-hunt perceived political enemies for a Government without a cabinet is a misplaced priority, as the commissioners are the agent of change, those to interpret your goals in every institution of the state government and responsible for its implementation.

The dump and evacuate style of waste management has failed and should not be considered in a progressive government.

We will applaud you when you do things differently; as our ‘Chief Servant we wish you suceed, pending the decision of the numerous litigations challenging your election. Dr Otti Abia is for all of us, our pray is for Abia to Succeed and not tour the part of failure…

To be continued…

Nwokeukwu Mascot Nnamdi

The newly baptized saint and a concerned Abian.


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