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Sarah de Lagarde

A woman, Sarah de Lagarde, from Camden, North London, has become the world's first person to use an Artificial Intelligence bionic arm that can read her mind.

In September 2022, Lagarde was returning home from work when she lost her footing and fell down the gap between the train and the platform edge, DailyMail reports on Wednesday.

When the train drove out of the station, her right arm and leg were crushed. She was then run over by another Tube, resulting in more injuries. She was taken to the hospital and then transferred to a specialised ward, where her arm and leg were amputated.

Speaking on her new acquisition, Lagarde claimed that the prosthetic arm, which employs AI technology, included software that will learn which moves she does the most frequently, making them easier for her to perform over time adding that her brain will cause her arm to move.

She said, “The socket will attach to my upper arm and it will have sensors which detect my muscle twitches and the software will convert those impulses into arm movements.

“I have seen videos where the hand is able to hold an egg with three fingers or pick up a coin from a table.”

Lagarde’s family launched a fundraising campaign in response to the development of the bionic hand by a Leeds-based firm, Covvi.

They discovered that the majority of prosthetic arms supplied through the National Health Service were essentially for cosmetic purposes.


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