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A stranger comes to you and says help me with only one minute call from your phone, my phone is dead and I need to call someone urgently, and you, being a nice person, say no problem, take and make the call.

Do you know what you have done? If that your phone is used to call someone they want to go and kill or someone they just poisoned and when the investigation starts and they had to check who called them last and your number shows up.

Let me break down what will happen to you so that you will learn something today from this platform.

First of all, you will be arrested for whatever crime because your phone was used to make that call and it will be considered that you know the person that’s why you gave the person your phone and it’s a known deal between both of you.

Secondly, since the inception of NIN, your phone is now your personal property you will answer anything that happens on it or through it.

So for these reasons, you will be arrested and kept in detention until all investigations are completed.

Even if the investigation takes 6 months or 2yrs, that means you will be locked up for that period over the fact that you just borrowed someone your phone to make one minute call.

Do you now see that your Good Heart is void of carefulness can lead you to something so bad? And ignorance (of the law) is not an excuse before the law.

Don’t be stingy with this information i just passed to you, share it with your family and friends so they can learn from this. If anything like this happens to them, you will be guilty of hiding this information.


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