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By M.Nnamdi

To not be a good leader, you can follow these practices:

1.) Lack of communication: Avoid providing clear instructions or updates to your team. Keep them in the dark about important decisions or changes.

2.) Micromanagement: Constantly monitor and control every aspect of your team’s work, leaving no room for autonomy or creativity.

3.) Lack of empathy: Disregard the feelings and needs of your team members. Don’t take the time to understand their perspectives or support their personal growth.

4.) Inconsistent decision-making: Be indecisive and change your mind frequently. This will create confusion and frustration among your team members.

5.) Blame game: Rather than taking responsibility for mistakes or failures, shift the blame onto others. Avoid accountability and refuse to learn from your own errors.

6.) Lack of recognition: Neglect to acknowledge and appreciate your team’s hard work and achievements. Take credit for their successes instead.

7.) Poor delegation: Refuse to delegate tasks or responsibilities, resulting in an overwhelming workload for yourself and a lack of growth opportunities for your team.

8.) Lack of vision: Fail to provide a clear vision or direction for your team. Keep them guessing about the purpose and goals of their work.

9.) Lack of integrity: Be dishonest and untrustworthy. Break promises and act in a self-serving manner, eroding trust within your team.

10.) Resistance to feedback: Dismiss or ignore feedback from your team members. Refuse to consider their suggestions or address their concerns.

However, these also are practices to avoid if you want to be an effective leader.


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