If Ikpeazu is your standard, then break his records, by Ikechukwu Iroha | #NwokeukwuMascot


 Dr. Okezie Victor Ikpeazu, PhD 

Since you can’t do any other thing outside blaming Ikpeazu, try breaking the following records he set and we will join in clapping for you.

1. Ikpeazu kept Abia peaceful and safe at a time the rest of the region was in turmoil. No single successful bank robbery was recorded in Abia State under his watch; all elections held on his watch did not cost Abia even one life with ZERO politically motivated killing recorded throughout his 8-year tenure.

He launched the Ministry of Homeland Security and the first crime prevention and monitoring system (CPAMS) in Abia State.

2. Ikpeazu increased public school enrollment from 114,000 to 650,000 and launched Free School Meal program even before FGN commenced theirs; he as well launched the Education for Employment (E4E) Scheme.

3. Ikpeazu’s Abia came first in WASSCE ranking for 4 consecutive years.

4. Ikpeazu's government awarded and sponsored the first ever foreign scholarship to more than 150 young Abians who are now studying in Australia, India, UK, US etc

5. Ikpeazu sent 30 young Abians to China to learn automated shoe making process.

6. Ikpeazu established the first teachers continuing education institute in Abia State and brought Australian education service providers to help retrain our teachers. He also launched Abia's first Digital Learning Platform in public schools in Abia.

7. Ikpeazu established the Umuahia campus of Abia State University, Uturu, ABSU, and took the institution from 97th to 26th in ranking among universities in Nigeria and second best state university in the country. He also advanced work on the permanent sites for Abia State Polytechnic and Abia State College of Health  Sciences and Management Technology.

8. Ikpeazu constructed 4 new model schools as well as hundreds of new classroom blocks across the State.

9. Ikpeazu won a gold badge award by scoring 100% in Primary Healthcare Under One Roof programme, PHCUOR, in September 2022 ranking by the

National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA).

10. Ikpeazu launched the first ever tech-based health services, tele-health, in Nigeria and Africa thereby garnering local and international accolades for Abia.

11. Ikpeazu established the first ever state-owned automated shoe and garment factories in Abia State.

12. On his very first day at work, Ikpeazu flagged of reconstruction of 7 major roads and launched his first 100 days in office by commissioning key road projects across the state including Ukaegbu road, Ehere road, Umuola road, Kamalu, Umule, Omni, jn Aba; Roads 2 and 8 in Umuahia etc. Before we even begin to compare pound for pound, let us attempt measuring the lengths of those roads and their state after 8 years, and also consider their socio-economic importance. Note that all his first 100 days road projects were done during the rainy season, yet, they have defied the odds and still stand to date.

13. Every single good road you drive through in Aba has Ikpeazu signature In Umuahia he did key roads like Aba Road, Afor Ibeji, Ossah-Ohuhu, Trinity College road, Umuwaya etc.

14. Ikpeazu started reconstruction and modernization of major markets without burning down any market or using soldiers to flog traders. He peacefully relocated 2 key markets and ensured peace in our markets throughout his tenure. Those planning all manner of things against traders should, please, perish the thought and persuade our people through honest engagements only.

15. Ikpeazu established the first ever Mother & Child hospital in Abia State and a first-of-its kind multi specialist hospital equipped with state-of-the-art technology equipment some of which were manufactured as recently as 2023.

16. Ikpeazu is the first Governor to lay astro turf on the main bowl of Enyimba International  Stadium, Aba, with floodlights and electronic score board. Under his watch, Enyimba won at least 4 major trophies to hold on to their bragging right as the best football club in Nigeria. At the same time, he maintained Abia Warriors in NPFL, and two female football clubs with premier league status.

17. Under Ikpeazu, Enyimba FC played continental football for 7 seasons within the 8 years Ikpeazu was in office, won two NPFL trophies and was set to add a 3rd trophy which eventually was received by his successor.

18. Dr Okezie Ikpeazu established the 150,000 birds capacity Nsulu poultry cluster with classrooms for training of agripreneurs; planted millions of tenera specie palm seedlings; put Abia firmly on the rice production map of Nigeria and established the first technology driven mushroom farm in the state.

19. Governor Ikpeazu achieved 35% growth in attendance to primary healthcare centers in the state and reduced infant/maternal mortality by 71%. And yes, he gave each pregnant woman N500 for transport every time they visited a primary healthcare center and provided them with free birth and delivery packs as well as free post-natal care.

20. He established and equipped the Abia State Emergency Services Agency, SEMA, and the Traffic & Indiscipline Management Agency of Abia State, TIMAAS.

21. Ikpeazu supervised the digitalization of revenue collection in Abia State, developed the unassailable database of tax payers and championed consolidation of payable revenues.

22. Before we forget so soon, Ikpeazu took the Broadcasting Corporation of Abia State, BCA, out of the challenges of power instability and constant reliance on power generator to be on air by connecting the station directly to the national grid for the first time since the creation of Abia State. He also commenced the digitization of the operations of the state owned radio station.

23. Throughout his 8 years in office, Dr Ikpeazu never maligned or disrespected his predecessors in public; he worked harmoniously with one Deputy Governor for 8 years and treated the judicial and legislative arms with utmost respect even when he had cause to disagree with them.

24. Ikpeazu allowed the media in Abia to flourish and operate freely without fear of backlash or any form of attack. Under his watch, more than 5 new private broadcast stations were established in Abia, and they took advantage of Ikpeazu’s media friendly disposition to flourish.

25. Dr Okezie Ikpeazu constructed the first ever flyover in Abia State: the Osisioma interchange.

26. He completed at least 236 road projects in Abia State with four bridges.

27. The 2022 multi-dimensional poverty index report of the federal government placed Abia as 3rd best state in Nigeria under Ikpeazu.

28. He recorded the 3rd best FDI inflow in Nigeria as once reported by the National Bureau of Statistics.

29. Ikpeazu won awards from the World Bank for running an accountable and  transparent government.

30. Ikpeazu installed the first ever traffic and street lights in Aba.

Rather than abuse Dr Ikpeazu directly and through proxies, please, work hard and beat his record. So far, the longest ongoing road as you prepare to mark your first one hundred days in office is the same Old Expeess road, Aba, that Ikpeazu brought an Irish contractor to do drains (gutters) on both sides and on which you are now only doing the final earth work. Those familiar with road construction will insist that whenever you complete that road you MUST publicly acknowledge Ikpeazu as the Governor that did the greater work on it.

Ikpeazu has completed his full tenure and if you want to be mentioning his name everyday, kindly start by telling us which of his records you have beaten. Propaganda is not governance and every lie expires with time to enable the truth shine forth for ever.

You don't have to like HE Dr Okezie Ikpeazu but you can just go ahead, break his record and surpass his work all round. That is the way to make bold statements instead of complaining about “rot” while creating your own mess all over the place.


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