Otti Scheming For Shortcut To Legitimize The Sack Of Innocent Civil Servants by Uche Aguoru | #NwokeukwuMascot


Dr Alex Chioma Otti

By Uche Aguoru

Since the inception of the Alex Otti administration, Abia State has been in the news for the wrong reasons, starting from denial of campaign promises, sacking of top civil servants without regard to legal procedure, award of contracts without due process, House of Assembly crisis, victimization of the opposition, allegations of agents of government fraudulently collecting bribes from people to make them union executives and most recently sacking of over 7000 civil servants.

With the public now questioning and asking for details of the so called 2,300 ghost workers that Alex Otti's government claimed to have discovered.

It is now obvious that Governor Otti is scheming for a shortcut to legitimize the sack of innocent civil servants using a nonfunctional and uncompleted staff verification portal.

It is unfortunate that the state Government has in its usual character of inflicting hardship and pains on innocent Abians devised a means of denying so many civil servants access to completing the online staff verification portal which they created and made a criterion for gaining access to the physical exercise.

Civil servants now run from one Cyber cafe to another spending most of their monthly income looking for how to fill the nonfunctional online form.

Gov. Otti through his consultant imported a platform that does not conform with the Abia civil service functional template and from our investigations the platform may have been copied from a private establishment.

When did the State Governor, Secretary to the State Government, Chief of Staff, Deputy Chief of Staff, and other political appointees become Caders in the Abia civil service template?

Why will Gov. Otti, intentionally omit so many civil service caders and designations in their various fields and replace them with non-existent caders all in an effort to discredit some bonafide civil servants and label them ghost workers just because of their perceived political leaning?

As of this moment, the deadline for the completion of the form and obtaining the printout remains tomorrow 21/07/2023, no extension has been granted, the fact remains that so many civil servants will be unable to complete the form even after spending a reasonable percentage of their monthly salaries on cybercafes because of the non-functionality of the portal giving the Otti administration the excuse to label some legitimate civil servants, "ghost workers".

On the sack of workers employed between January to May, It is an act of wickedness for a government that promised Abians so much and even went on different national television stations to deny the allegations stating that rather than sack workers he will create employment but today Dr Alex Otti has proven that any politician who makes lying and propaganda a political tool finds it very difficult to adjust even when he gets into power, a case study is the Buhari government and most recently The Alex Otti administration in Abia State.


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