Crisis Rocks Isiala Ngwa South Labour Party as Members Petition Leadership for Selling Rice Palliative Meant for Indigent People (Document) | #NwokeukwuMascot


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Labour Party stakeholders from Ngwaobi Ward 2 Isiala Ngwa South has petitioned their party for selling the palliative rice meant for indigent people.

Infomation gathered said that the allegations surronding mishandling of relief materials have sparked outrage among the local community, leading to a heated debate within the party.

The petition, which was signed by Elder Hope Mgbarine, the Stakeholders Secretary and seven others, highlights the alleged actions of certain individuals, The party secretary Pastor Matthew Chikezie Ikaa and ward II party Chairman James Okoroji who were entrusted with the distribution of the palliative rice. 

According to the petition captioned; “REPORT ON HOW PALLIATIVE WAS SHARED IN NGWAOBI WARD II ISIALA NGWA SOUTH L.G.A ABIA STATE” addressed to the L.G.A Palliative Committee, through the Honourable Commissioner For Chieftaincy and Local Gov't Affair, further stated how instead of ensuring that the rice reached the intended beneficiaries, these individuals sold it for personal gain, completely disregarding the needs of the indigent population.

“The petition reads in full: The Labour Party in Ngwaobi ward II is now ennui because of the leaders in the person of Pastor Matthew Chikezie Ikaa, Party Secretary Isiala Ngwa South L.G.A and James Okoroji ward II party chairman.

“Is quite unfortunate that Ngwaobi ward II palliative caused crises, to that effect, the stakeholders seemed it fit to report to you before the party enervate in Ngwaobi.

“The Labour Party in Ngwaobi ward II has become a pernicious on the members of Ngwaobi at large. "The party secretary Pastor Matthew Chikezie Ikaa and ward II party Chairman James Okoroj" have messed up the party in Ngwaobi ward II Isiala Ngwa South L.G.A Abia State.

“This two persons that represent the party here in Ngwaobi ward II sold 12 bags of rice at the cost of N45,000.00 each which amounted to N540,000.00. They didn't stop here, they took one bag of rice each and shared three bags of rice to each pulling unit, total of 39 bags, while in my own pulling unit 2 cups was shared among 700 members. 

“Whereas past chairman and L.G.A secretary have moved away with 14 bags and feel enshroud. When the elders summoned them, they said that the Honorable Commissioner incharge of palliative instructed them to moved away the rice. They didn't stop here sir, they also collected N2000.00 for each pulling unit as transportation fee which result to some of the unit head selling some rice to regain their money.

“Sir, we have two persons that witness the event of robbery among the stakeholders members in the person of Christopher Okezie and Zion Aram Maxwell. Now this two eye witnesses have been settled so as to withdraw from being witness to event by given Christopher Okezie one bag of rice and appointing Zion Aram who is not qualified to be the T.C Councilor ward Il.

“Sir, the underlisted names are the stakeholders of Ngwaobi ward II call any person to verify this information. More importantly the person nominated as T.C. councilor Zion Aram which have been forwarded to your office is not the decision of the stakeholders rather compensation from L.G.A secretary and ward chairman alone which if not addressed will cause serious havoc in the community.

“Therefore sir, use your good office to curb the capricious realignment actions of leaders in Ngwaobi ward II and L.G.A Secretary Isiala Ngwa South because a stitch in time saves nine.“ They stated.


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