Despite contrary evidence, Sam Larry claims he loved MohBad | #NwokeukwuMascot


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Despite conflicting evidence, Sam Larry asserts his love for Mohbad following the rapper’s passing.

The death of the Nigerian rapper, Mohbad, who sadly passed away at the age of 27 on Tuesday, has sparked widespread public reactions. 

Amidst the conflicting evidence surrounding their relationship, Sam Larry, a counterpart of Naira Marley, has maintained that he loves Mohbad, despite videos circulating on the internet that raise questions about his involvement in the late artiste’s situation.

In response to these alleged claims, Sam Larry has removed all posts from his Instagram handle.

In a Yoruba-language video, he asserted, “Throughout the time he was with Malian Records, he knows I have a deep affection for him, and both his wife and others are aware of my love for him.”

He also emphasised that as colleagues, they shouldn’t let disagreements lead to harm or conflict. Sam Larry also addressed the viral video where he and some of his associates appeared in a video assaulting Mohbad. 

He stated, “Zlatan, I am a witness; please ask Zlatan if I ever had any physical contact with Mohbad. In the club video you mentioned, if you carefully watch it, you’ll notice that the bouncers were urging Mohbad not to get involved in the situation that Sam Larry and others were trying to resolve. They were saying, ‘Don’t interfere; it’s not your concern.”

The passing of the late Afrobeats rapper has sparked a wave of criticism from fellow musicians, celebrities, and the public regarding the mistreatment of young artistes within their respective record labels.

In response, the Lagos police command has taken action, announcing the force may likely conduct an autopsy on the late artiste’s remains.


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