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When I read online posts suggesting that Alex otti was nicknamed " Senior wicked " while in Ngwa High School, I chose to disbelieve it because till date I am yet to find someone in his set to corroborate it, otherwise, that would have explained a lot of things I am observing today under his watch in a state he calls " New Abia".

In the original Abia known to me, leaders show empathy and put the people first before any other thing. Indeed,  in the original Abia, our Governors stop at accident scenes to help victims  instead of knocking them down and speeding off. In that original Abia the voice of the people shape the position of government on all issues. If the people say they don’t want RUGA, their Governor will toe that line. I also recall that a Governor in tne original Abia canceled what was then tagged ‘COVID-19 fees’ in a state tertiary institution because the people protested against it.

Governors of the original  Abia regularly come on live radio programs to speak and interact with the people no matter how busy they are and  without any form of censorship. Whenever the people choose to protest to government house or wherever their Governor is at the time, he must come out to address them or send somebody high up to represent him. Where necessary, original Abia Governors will invite the protesters to come in and discuss their issues directly with him.

Local journalists in Abia who have now been relegated in the New Abia can testify to the frequency of such engagements in the original Abia and the usual instruction not to censor any view whenever their is a live interaction with the Governor. Eziokwu bu ndu!

Yesterday, I received detailed report from an aclaimed supporter of Peter Obi during the 2023 national elections and hence decided to vote for Otti and other labour party candidates in Abia State as a devout apostle of "OBIDIENCE” brand of politics. Sadly, this individual was among those sacked by Governor Alex Otti-led Labour Party Government in the New Abia. 

Armed with the confidence that the Governor they stood in the sun to vote for will at least listen to their own side of the sack saga, dozens of them transported themselves to the Umuru Isiala Ngwa "new Abia government house" on Monday this week to meet their Governor who as a Labour Party member should naturally be expected to be sympathetic to workers.

Let me quote directly from this person.

“We went there, 26 of us came out.

We stood at the gate for the whole day.

Dr. Alex Otti was in a meeting with the commissioners. He runs Abia state affairs from his country home at Umu-uru Umuehim Nvosi reason our members insisted we go to his village.

But he didn't come out to see us nor addressed us.

He didn't even send someone to speak to us.

We all just stood there with our placards with inscription of humble and pleading words begging him to reinstate us.

“Later a man who we believed is his chief security officer came out and videoed us while on live call with someone we couldn't recognize his voice.

The man then asked us to write a letter and include the names of the participants present on ground and submit to him, which we did.

But we were banned from videoing, snapping or chanting any form of gyration songs etc.

Abia Workers Protesting Nonpayment of Salary by Alex Otti’s led administration.

“That security officer asked us to go, but we refused.We stood there in the rain till his meeting with the commissioners ended and they started driving out one by one.Then we knelt down with our placards pleading with them to help us as they drove pass us one by one in their brand new “INNOSON” JEEPS without plate numbers.

“They didn't show sympathy nor cared. Except for one of them who stopped, read our messages and then warned us not to escalate this movement or go to social media. Nwannem, that's how we carried ourselves back home in tears and confusion not knowing what tomorrow holds for us.

“Last night was the most terrifying night for me as I was reminiscing on the whole drama yesterday.

Sleep left my eyes and tears flowed freely”

In case  you think this is another made up story of a suya seller and street light in Aba let me attach screen grabs to show you that this is real. Any conscientious journalist seeking additional information from the person that contacted me or others with him on that day can text me privately as long as you promise to protect them from the wickedness of empathetically dwarf leaders.

New Abia of elites for Abia elites fully loaded!!!

-Nwandugbom JOK siddon dey look


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