‘Four Months after, Alex Otti’s Government is not looking as articulated as promised by Ned Nwogu | #NwokeukwuMascot


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 “I want to use this medium first as a concerned citizen and secondly as a key stakeholder in the Abia project to give feed backs based on my personal assessments, observations and publicly available information.

“When the governor assembled the best of the best into his transition committee we leaped with joy and our hearts were very warm. We are earnestly expecting the fruition of that conglomeration manifesting in very structured, idea-driven, innovative and exceptional outputs in governance or else it would have amounted to yet another wastage, political flagellations indeed a jamboree.

“When the Governor also brought Julius Berger to Port Harcourt Road even before his inauguration I was one of those who defended him against PDP onslaught. 4 months after, one wpuld have expected the Julius Bergers, Arab Contractors, Setraco and other notable construction firms in that cadre to have taken over Abia turn it to a construction site.

“I am also in touch with alot of appointees and government functionaries and its not looking as articulated as promised, seems like we are just quickly re-inventing the wheels and not doing as much as we expected. There seem to be subtle invasion and intervention of family, interlopers and cronies at the risk of sacrificing the quality we all expects from a man in the mould of Dr. Alex Otti. Of course some things have changed for the better but I am in doubt if it’s in a magnitude to activate the kind of progress and economic prosperity Abians yearn for at this time.

“I will not go the way of teaching this administration basic economics of scarcity and articulated prioritisation as the Governor is a senior colleague both in the field of economics and banking and I am sure he knows better.

“I saw some projects being advertised for ground breaking and believe me I saw no depths, no structures and no initiatives just big names and I couldn’t help been disappointed already. Have also been following the commissioning with pomp and pageantry akin to TA Orji administration and it doesn’t impress a lot of us who are very expectant for lots more.

“My mind is filled with frustrating thoughts already but let me stop here so far but in the coming days we will constructively interrogate issues as they emerge to the effect that we MUST have a working state and that shall not be in bad taste or faith because at the end, we want to be proud of our state. 

“God bless our Abia, My name remains Chinedu (Ned) Nwogu.” He opined.


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