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...says they'll resist imposition of Mayor.

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Aba South Aboriginal Survival Movement (ABASM) has accused Governor Alex Otti of having great underlying contempt for the Aboriginals of Aba South.

The movement said this in a communique rising from a very well-attended crucial meeting which they said borders on their life, death, survival and recognition.

ABASM said they discovered Otti's underlying contempt for them firstly when none of their sons or daughters were considered fit to be appointed Commissioner in the Abia State Executive Council.

They said that the above neglect is in contrast with other Local Government Areas like Arochukwu, Ohafia, etc which they said have two to three commissioners with other State political principal positions like the Deputy Governor and secretary to the State Government respectively.

In the communique signed by Dr Eze Sony Egbulefu, Acting Onyeisiala Aba the 19th, Dr Manfred Wogugu, Retired United Nations/ ILO Advisor, Elder Justice R C Ajuzieogu,

Immediate Past President of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Abia State Chapter and Elder Chima Mbama, ABASM Trustee, the Aboriginals urged Otti to remember that his victory at the polls fosters leadership and fatherhood of Abia State on his broad shoulders.

ABASM said that the viral video where Otti allegedly described their land, Aba, as "no-man's-land" is very offensive and unacceptable to them and urged the Governor to realize that the most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people.

"This ingredient the Governor seems to lack as we are utterly in disagreement with the comment credited to him as Aba being a no man's land and that any person who does not like it should go and hit your head against the wall, "His Excellency's words are repugnant to natural justice, equity and good conscience. Hence, we consider your words as insulting, careless and disrespectful. Someone who respects himself, moreover a Governor of a State cannot use such words in public," they said.

The Aba South Aboriginals equally alleged that the underlying contempt that Governor Otti has in his heart for them made him not recognise or appoint any of them to the management committees of the various markets and other government agencies in their own land.

They said that the much-speculated appointment of billionaires as Mayors and Transition Chairmen of various Local Government Areas in Abia State is not in any way challenged by ABASM, rather, according to Abia State Local Government Transition Edict of 2002, their son or daughter must be appointed the Mayor or Transition Chairman.

"We believe that the governor has the prerogative of power to appoint whosoever he wishes. However, ABASM advises that it takes less time to do a thing right than to explain why you did it wrong.

"It is further noted from the trending viral video that some of the mentioned Billionaires are men who ran their companies aground with multiple bank loans hanging on their necks and the banks have taken over the management and running of such named organizations today.

"Aba South Aboriginal Survival Movement wishes to state categorically that the Hausa Community in Lokpanta, Umunneochi LGA has also billionaires doing business there and would wish that what is done to the geese is also done to the gander. Anything short of this calls for the ire of the people of Aba South," they said.

The Aba South Aboriginal Survival Movement said it would Governor Otti, to kindly in the spirit of natural justice, equity and fairness, balance his appointments amongst the ethnic diversities of Abia State.

"Indirectly calling the indigenous as "people that don't have brains" is a weakness of attitude that reveals a weakness of character on his part as a leader.

"According to Winston Churchill, "Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference". One demanding one's rights and privileges does not portray one as having no brain.

Aba South Aboriginal Survival Movement deeply believes, according to Rick Warren, that the greatest tragedy is not death, but life or existence without purpose.

"Hence Ibeku land belongs to Ibeku people; Aro land belongs to Arochukwu people; Ohafia land also belongs to Ohafia people. Akwete land belongs to the Ukwa people. Let also Aba land and its blessings belong to Aba la Ohazu people too."

The movement said they are loyal, lawful and hospitable citizens who would not in their lifetime trade off the legacies left behind for them by their progenitors and shall remain law-abiding in their utterances and actions until provoked.


  1. In my opinion , that is a slap on the people of Aba South and insult to Oha Ngwa in general..We demand apology and the needful to be done..


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