How Abia Acting DNS and Staff of Min of Health was reportedly detained for a day, granted bail of N400k with the strict condition | #NwokeukwuMascot


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Following numerous allegations against Mrs. Nwankego Onyeukwu, the Acting Director of Nursing Services at the Ministry of Health, Abia State, regarding her alleged extortion of prospective and current nursing students.

The complain of Concerned parent Forum (for School of Nursing and Midwifery in Abia) which was directed to Gov. Alex Otti and copied to security agencies across the state, prompted the investigation which was stalled by Mrs. Nwankego's non-appearance leading to her arrest and detention.

Recall that Dr Alex Otti had earlier suspended the former DNS, Mrs Dorothy Njedika Nwosu, and Principals of all the schools of nursing and midwifery in Abia State, subsequently appointing Mrs Nwankego Onyeukwu and others on acting positions.

Contained in the complaint of concerned parents forum captioned: "LET THE TRUTH BE TOLD IN-MINISTRY OF HEALTH ABIA STATE" fingered Mr Nkemjika Nnadozie a.k.a DONTOUCH who they alleged was being used by Mrs Nwankego to perpetrate her evil deeds.

The complaint reads in full: “We are concerned parents whose children are in the Abia State Schools of Nursing and Midwifery. We all participated in the last elections/voting the labour party/Dr. Alex C. Otti, to have a change cum relieve from hardship, but what we are suffering/experiencing now is "worst and oppressive" from the so-called Ag. DNS-Mrs Nwakego Ekwueme. 

“To put the record straight, here are her secret financial dealings in the MOH, which we believe the Commissioner might be aware of or so, as a new helsman. Years back. our children pays a total of N35,000.00 for their final examination, but as soon as this Ag. DNS came in, we parents are forced to pay "Eighty Thousand Naira" for same examination, telling our children that Alex Otti had ordered so and warned students not to tell anyone or risk being expelled.

”Our Children/Students are now forced to levy themselves and pay to her office, for the renovation/painting/re-roofing of the hostels. When has it become the duty of students? This same Nwakego Ekwueme was the one that got involved in financial malpractice-as then Principal of one Nursing School and was nearly sacked, but was saved and redeployed to office (under Gov. Ikpeazu) to save a massive protest from the students.

“Right in the MOH office, some of the Staff are not happy the way things are going. The said Ag. DNS has taken over everything, doing it her own way as an alfa Omega; but misleading her Commissioner to believe her false briefings. Who is this "Dontouch Man" that Nwakego uses in perpetuating her evil-works. A young man who is not even a Civil Servant was hired by Ag. DNS for Anambra.

“Examination (all hotel bills paid by our children) and even back to Umuahia, same man was spotted inside their examination hall as invigilator or whatever, when he's not even a Civil Servant, not to talk of being a Staff of Ministry of Health. Yet the Commissioner keeps quite as if nothing wrong is going on. Our dear HOS, you all know things are not easy, yet Nwakego goes on with her "Financial Impositions" on students, claiming our dynamic Governor Dr. Alex Otti ordered such false levies to upgrade the schools.

“Those heavy laden upon the head of parents to pay. It's on record, we have written an SOS around July, but nothing was heard or done by His Excellency. Whether that letter reached him- we're now doubting: and decided to channel this through you, so that actions will be taken to unveil the Financial Impositions/Malpractice by same Ag. DNS Nwakego, from June- this September 2023; as to save the name/reputation of His Excellency office, which she claims always has authorised her activities. Find out also who.

"Nkemjika Nnadozie- a.k.a DONTOUCH" whom Ag. DNS privately payrolled and is been paid monthly, which office is he working or is he a consultant to Hon. Ngozi Okoronkwo and Nwakego? (as to warrant him invigilative Status), when our Staffs in MOH, are even idle.

“Please HOS, set up an honest investigation in MOH for the period of June-September on their activities and all our schools of Nursing and Midwifery; you will then realise what we are crying here for. A spade should be called a spade. Before we decide to move public with the press.'for His Excellency to act and redeploy this unsympathetic-evil actor in the name of Ag.

“DNS Nwákego, whose roll in exchange of students result and admission racketeering is best to non in our Schools of Nursing and Midwifery. This business as usual by her, must stop now. a stich in time saves Nine". The letter ended.

However, the Nigeria police Abia zone 9 divisoion was said to have arrested and detained Mrs Nwankego for Interrogation  on charges levelled against her person, subsequently granting her bail after 24hrs with the condition of providing Dontorch who is said to have been extorting parents and students, or forfeit her N400,000. 


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