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The attention of the Abia PDP has been drawn to a statement credited to the Acting Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Board of Trustees, BOT, Senator Adolphus Wabara wherein he allegedly said that Alex Otti has earned himself a second term in office because of the second flag off of the reconstruction of the Port Harcourt Road in Aba.

According to our acting BOT Chairman, “The Governor (Otti) is reliable and a true man of honour. With this feat alone, his second term in office is already well assured. He is a Master Strategist. He wasn’t a top banker for nothing.”

The Abia PDP states in very clear terms that he did not speak for the Abia PDP and has never spoken for the Abia PDP and therefore dissociate itself with the said statement which presented Senator Wabara as someone who has either lost touch with the reality, is not at home with the undercurrents of Abia politics or one who probably spoke under the influence of some elements.

While we recognise his entitlement to his personal opinions on issues relating to governance in Abia State and Nigeria, the Abia PDP is constrained to warn that such a highly placed official of the PDP who failed to deliver his unit for the Party during the last election should be mindful of his conduct and statements in the public, especially if the person is not well versed on the issue at core. The Party has appropriate channels of communication which must not be breached by any officer, no matter how highly placed.

Concerning the second flag off of the Port Harcourt project which he dabbled into ignorantly, the Abia PDP maintains that Senator Wabara erred in either omission or commission. If he did not know the history of the project, he ought to have reached out to the operatives of the former administration to keep him abreast with the facts of the projects and if he knew the facts and decided to misrepresent them, then the Abia PDP would be left with no choice than to believe that he is just playing politics within politics and therefore would not join issues with him but leave him to his conscience.

The Abia PDP insists that the continuation of the Port Harcourt road project by Alex Otti is a good step in the right direction being that government is a continuum, but reiterates the facts that the foundational works including securing the right of way, construction of high standard drainages on both sides of the road, the completion of earth work from No.1 Port Harcourt Road to Uratta Junction and above all the funding for the project and other roads were principally initiated and secured by the former PDP administration of Dr. Okezie Victor Ikpeazu when it sourced $100m loan from the African Development Bank, AfDB and other global lenders which was approved and released to Alex Otti a month after the expiration of Governor Okezie Ikpeazu’s tenure.

These facts are there, they remain sacred and visible for everyone to see and no amount of spinning by Alex Otti and his hirelings to shore up his dwindling popularity among many discerning Abians will obliterate the facts that the project was more than 40 percent delivered by the previous administration.

The Abia PDP calls on our members, teeming supporters and the good people of Abia State to disregard the statements credited to Senator Wabara because he did not speak for the Abia People’s Democratic Party and also call on them to focus on the future and work towards securing our democracy for the benefit of our children and unborn generations.

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Hon. Elder Abraham Amah

Abia PDP Vice Chairman/Acting State Publicity Secretary


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