Exclusive: Appeal Court Upholds Hon. Dennis Rowland Chinwendu’s Victory, Dismissing Dannie Ubani’s Appeal | #NwokeukwuMascot


 …Appeal Court Upholds Hon. Dennis Rowland Chinwendu’s Victory as Isialangwa South State Constituency House of Assembly Member, Dismissing Dannie Ubani’s Appeal | #NwokeukwuMascot 

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 In a significant ruling, the Appeal Court sitting in Lagos has upheld the victory of Hon. Dennis Rowland Chinwendu of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) as the Isialangwa South State Constituency House of Assembly member. The court dismissed the appeal filed by Dannie Ubani of the Labour Party, affirming Chinwendu’s mandate.

The Appeal Court's decision comes after a protracted legal battle that ensued after the keenly contested elections held in Isialangwa South State Constituency. Dennis Rowland Chinwendu, who secured the majority of votes, was challenged by Dannie Ubani, alleging irregularities during the electoral process.

However, the Appellate Court agreed with the the tribunal ruling after a thorough examination of the evidence presented by both parties, concluded that there was no substantial evidence to support the claims made by Ubani and his legal team. The court ruled that the election was conducted in accordance with the law and upheld the validity of Chinwendu’s victory.

Reacting to the court’s decision, Hon. Dennis Rowland Chinwendu expressed his gratitude to the judiciary for upholding justice and the will of the people. He commended the Appeal Court’s thoroughness in reviewing the case and its commitment to ensuring a fair and transparent electoral process.

Hon Rowland also extended an olive branch to his opponent, Dannie Ubani, urging him to accept the court’s decision and work together for the betterment of Isialangwa South State Constituency. He emphasized the need for unity and collaboration to address the challenges facing the constituency and fulfill the aspirations of the electorate.

  Dannie Ubani. 

The Appeal Court’s decision has brought a sense of closure to the Isialangwa South State Constituency House of Assembly election, ending months of uncertainty and legal wrangling. With Hon. Dennis Rowland Chinwendu’s victory now firmly established, the focus can shift towards fulfilling campaign promises, addressing the needs of the constituency, and delivering effective representation to the people.

As the dust settles on this legal battle, it is hoped that all stakeholders will come together to promote peace, unity, and development in Isialangwa south.


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