Imo Guber: PDP Debunks Rumors of Gubernatorial Candidate, Senator Samuel Anyanwu Stepping Down for Hope Uzodimma of the APC | #NwokeukwuMascot


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Imo State, Nigeria - In a bid to clarify recent speculations circulating in the political sphere, the Imo State chapter of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has strongly refuted rumors suggesting that their gubernatorial candidate, Senator Samuel Anyanwu, would be stepping down from the race in favor of Hope Uzodimma from the All Progressives Congress (APC).

The rumors gained traction after some misleading reports surfaced on social media platforms, causing confusion and uncertainty among supporters of the PDP. However, the Imo State PDP swiftly responded, labeling the claims as baseless and aimed at sowing discord within the party.

Speaking on behalf of the PDP, the Director-General, Imo PDP New Media Directorate, Hon Lancelot Obiaku categorically dismissed the rumors, emphasizing that Senator Samuel Anyanwu remains the party’s candidate for the tomorrow, Saturday 11 November gubernatorial elections. In the press release captioned; "Imo government-sponsored fake news and propaganda against Samdaddy", Hon Lancelot Obiaku described the reports as a desperate attempt by opposition elements to destabilize the PDP’s campaign efforts.

Obiaku stated; "Ndi Imo, In a matter of minutes, agents of darkness in Imo State have moved from a false alarm that Senator Samuel Anyanwu (Samdaddy), who is your choice to liberate our dear State from the despotic and tyrannical grip of bloodsuckers, was planning to import thousands of thugs to cause mayhem during Saturday's Governorship election to another lie that he has withdrawn from the race and is now supporting them. Nothing can be more silly. Their inconsistency and incoherence are striking.

"For a government and Governor that have nothing tangible to campaign with, and with the reality of their looming defeat dawning on them, we expected them to resort to puerile propaganda in a desperate attempt for a lifeline that they will never get. They are shocked to the marrow at the speed at which their demonic empire is crumbling. But the worst of lies against the people's candidate in the remaining hours before the election can never change their already sealed fate. Samdaddy's Governorship is an idea whose time has come.

"Therefore, we urge you, ndi Imo, to disregard the fake news as they come. They will cook up more. The plan is to distract you from your resolve to stop the rigging machinery of the man you never voted in and your quest to vote him out on Saturday. We urge you to remain resolute and vigilant as they will attempt every means to compromise the electoral process.

"Interestingly, while Samdaddy and his PDP team were busy throughout Thursday taking campaigns to the remotest of Imo villages, Uzodimma and co were taking their desperation to an alarming height.  He has never truly won an election and come Saturday, November 11, 2023, Imo people will show him that while the thief may have everyday, a day comes when the owner of the house will have his way, Imo ga adi mma ozo!"

As the gubernatorial election in Imo State draws nearer, it is crucial for voters to remain vigilant and discerning, carefully evaluating the information they encounter. The Imo State PDP’s swift response to debunk the rumors surrounding Senator Samuel Anyanwu stepping down demonstrates their commitment to transparency and unity within the party.

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With both major parties presenting strong candidates, the electorate will play a pivotal role in determining the future leadership of Imo State. It remains to be seen how the political landscape will unfold in the coming weeks, as campaigns intensify and candidates continue to engage with voters across the state.


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