The allegations of Wike demanding 25% of Rivers funds are not just Obscure, but primitive and untrue as the core issue is likely to lie within power politics | #NwokeukwuMascot


Fubara vs Wike: You Don't Clean Your Anus
Before Going to the Toilet by Dr. Chris Nwagboso.

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 I have read on social media, the allegation credited to Governor Fubara of Rivers State, stating that his predecessor, Barr Nyesom Wike demanded 25% of Rivers funds from him.

This allegation is not only obscure, primitive and untrue, but also pedestrian in it structural formation and analytical context. Anyone who knows the rudiments and intrigues in party politics will also consider this allegation as elementary, laughable and weak defense by a Governor Fubara who was sponsored by his Boss.

This is clearly because, the core issue of who gets what, when and how in sponsoring a Governorship candidate is clearly settled before a candidate(a successor)is politically anoited by the incumbent who's going to hand over mantle of leadership. Therefore, people should reject this allegation as it lacks 'clean political waters'.

The core problem between Fubara and Wike is most likely to be located within the purview of power-politics(betrayal of trust). Thus, there must have been certain political agreements regarding power distribution/equation, which Fubara agreed to abide with before he was sponsored by Wike.

Now, policy decisions/actions point to refusal to implement those agreements. This is not Politics as some people may coin it. This is dishonesty. We must draw a clear line between Politics(authoritative allocation of scarce values/resources in the State) and Dishonesty(deviation from doing what has already being agreed by parties in a relationship).

We should stop smuggling our primitive normative behavioural patterns into Politics and turn back to say that Politics is a bad game.

Those intervening/mediating in the political crisis between the successor(Governor Fubara) and his predecessor(Barr Wike), should attempt with fair degree of objectivity to ascertain core agreements reached by the parties before Fubara was anointed. Further, mediators should inquire the extent to which those political agreements have been sincerely implemented by Fubara in the last five months.

The above broad-based methodology of political inquiry is imperative because, any mediation that neglects core mandates of conciliatory mechanisms; as it affects the current sore relationship between Fubara and Wike will abysmally fail.

Indeed, its very easy for one to be 'shouting woef/thief', when in actual sense; he's the main cause(s) of the crisis. The allegation that Wike demanded 25% of Rivers funds is like "cleaning one's anus before going to toilet".

We must note that Politics is a big business. No intelligent Politician invests in a political project that will diminish him and further destroys his power base. When an incumbent deliberately fraternizes with the enemies of his predecessor/sponsor of his election five months on assumption of office, only a foolish man expects Barr Wike to go to the church and do thanksgiving.

Addressing the current crisis between the parties requires bottom-up approach of conflict resolution, mediation and conciliation. 

Chris I. Nwagboso, PhD,

Writes from Isiala Ngwa South LGA,

Abia State.


  1. This method of thinking is only Abian. No thoughts on why the House of Assembly suddenly decided to remove a 5 months old governor. Is it not even possible that the former governor may want to arm twist his boy for more largesse? Any way like I said every thing about this post is so ABIAN who have been under master-servant situation for so long. Thank God for Otti.


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