‘Where are the feeding bottles now? Gov. Otti dragged for running office with over N8.12bn in 3 months(Document) | #NwokeukwuMascot


....Where are the feeding bottles now? By Eric d'wyse.

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Sincerely, I dislike using certain phrases, most especially when it has become a cliche that sounds more like what a motor park tout coined. "Feeding bottle", "blood tonic" are few of such uncouth phrases.

Therefore, using Otti's cliche of choice, I dare ask, where are the feeding bottles now?

Under SFTAS,Abia State government released its Q3 budget performance for 2023, From July to September, just three months, a total of N8.12Bn has been spent on servicing the Governor's office and his security vote. 

When I was told that the Governor runs Abia from his country home at Nvosi, expectations are, that it will drastically reduce the cost of servicing the Governor's office but the amount of N5.32BN that we were greeted with by the government's own financial report under world bank SFTAS, is not only mind-boggling but a shocker, plus additional N2.8BN as security vote, making a cumulative of N8.12BN spent in 3 months around the Governor's activities (servicing his office and security vote). Where is the much talked about prudence?

What is mere salary forfeiture as compared to the billions contained in the expenditure of servicing Governor's office and his security vote for just 3 months?

Ebonyi State Governor is using N1.2Bn for servicing his office and security vote under same period, yet he hasn't claimed a "Saint". 

More revelations are coming as I piece the numbers to make sense of where exactly the feeding bottles are and in whose mouth. I will interrogate where exactly the N1.12bn on health subhead was expended on.

RE-painting of hospitals and one day medical outreach in LGAs without paying off backlogs of health worker's salaries couldn’t have consumed N1.12BN in 3 months.



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