Abia State School of Nursing: "It is disheartening to see those individuals indicted in the PTS scandal supervising the upcoming exams" — Mascot Nnamdi | #NwokeukwuMascot


...Demanding Transparency and Accountability in Abia State Nursing School Scandal by Mascot Nnamdi | #NwokeukwuMascot  

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The recent scandal surrounding the Abia State Nursing School has raised serious concerns about corruption and unethical practices within the institution. Dr Alex Otti, who is the Governor of the state, has been accused of involvement in these corrupt activities. This write up aims to shed light on the need for transparency and justice in this matter and shouldn’t be attributed to party politics.

Questioning Accountability:

If Dr Alex Otti is truly not corrupt, then why are individuals who were indicted(The commissioner for Health, DNS, and the nursing school principals) for extortion and influencing grace in the Abia State Nursing School still in positions of authority? It is disheartening to see these individuals going to supervise the upcoming exams, as it raises doubts about the integrity of the entire system.

Furthermore, if investigations have indeed proven the existence of ill practices, why have the DNS, principal, and commissioner not been suspended? Their continued presence casts doubt on the commitment to addressing corruption within the institution. It is crucial that those responsible for misconduct face appropriate consequences.

Transparency in Investigation: If Dr Alex Otti is genuinely against corruption and not involved in any wrongdoing, why has the investigation of the panel not been made public? The lack of transparency only fuels speculation and undermines the credibility of the investigation. The public deserves to know the truth and have faith in the process.

Unfair Burden on Students:

The decision to give only two days for students who traveled back home to buy WAEC cards for verifications raises concerns of potential extortion. Assuming this is not the case, will the limited time be sufficient for these students to adequately prepare for their exams? It is essential to ensure that students are not unfairly burdened and have equal opportunities for success.

Demanding Accountability:

The collective frustration is justified - we need to know the names of those responsible for extorting parents and students. It is not enough to simply acknowledge the wrongdoing; we must also demand appropriate punishment for those involved. Transparency in this regard is crucial for restoring trust and ensuring justice is served.

Penalties for Ill Practices:

We urge authorities to inform the public of the penalties meted out to those responsible for the ill practices that occurred in Amachara, ABSUTH and FMC, and the Abia Ministry of Health. It is time for accountability and for the perpetrators to face the consequences of their actions.

If Gov Otti and those in his administration(Chief of Staff, SSG, Ferdinand Ekeoma, those that set up the investigation panel) are not involved, why are they covering those involved in the scandal after investigation proved there was Ill practices: why is the DNS, principals and commissioner not suspended. The affected students and their families deserve justice.

Lastly, The Abia State Nursing School scandal has highlighted the urgent need for accountability and transparency. Dr Alex Otti’s alleged involvement raises serious questions about corruption within the institution. It is imperative that investigations are conducted openly, responsible individuals are held accountable, and appropriate penalties are imposed. Only then can we begin to rebuild trust and ensure a fair and ethical educational environment for all. #nursingschool #healthylife

— Nwokeukwu Mascot Nnamdi


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