Birthday Anniversary: Chief Okey Ahiwe Honors Barrister Chris Ezem, Celebrating a Legacy of Excellence | #NwokeukwuMascot


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Abia State, Nigeria - In a momentous celebration of leadership and achievement, Chief Okey Ahiwe, the Abia State PDP 2023 governorship candidate, extends warm felicitations to the distinguished former Secretary to Abia State Government, Barrister Chris Ezem, on the occasion of his birthday anniversary. Recognizing the immense contributions and outstanding qualities of Barrister Ezem, Chief Ahiwe in a statement signed by his Media Adviser, Mr Victor C. Nwokocha(ANIPR) praised Ezem’s remarkable accomplishments as a legal practitioner, administrator, and trailblazing politician.

Chief Ahiwe's heartfelt birthday message highlights the exceptional attributes that have characterized Barrister Chris Ezem's professional journey. Terming him as an "accomplished legal practitioner," Chief Ahiwe underlines the unparalleled dedication Ezem displayed during his tenure as the Secretary to Abia State Government, where he demonstrated an unwavering commitment to flawless execution in governance processes.

Chief Ahiwe further acknowledges Barrister Ezem's rare ability to harmonize the diverse functions of various government departments, working tirelessly to align their efforts towards achieving the government's policy goals. He lauds Ezem's exceptional capacity to streamline focus and deliver on the mandates of governance. Throughout his tenure, Barrister Ezem consistently emphasized public interest, prioritizing the welfare and aspirations of the Abia State community.

As Chief Ahiwe rightly celebrates Barrister Chris Ezem's birthday anniversary, he takes the opportunity to highlight the tremendous contributions Ezem has made in fortifying the People's Democratic Party (PDP) in Abia State. Chief Ahiwe praises Ezem's strategic thinking and organizational skills, recognizing him as a pivotal figure responsible for enhancing the party's structure and fostering inclusivity among its members. By promoting unity and collaboration, Barrister Ezem has laid a strong foundation for the PDP's future success.

Barrister Chris Ezem's remarkable legal background and unwavering commitment to justice and fairness do not go unnoticed. Chief Ahiwe commends him for championing causes that have positively influenced the lives of Abia State residents in areas such as social justice, human rights, and good governance. With Ezem's dedication and leadership, Chief Ahiwe expresses utmost confidence in his ability to continue serving the state selflessly, ultimately contributing to the triumph of the PDP in the upcoming 2023 governorship elections.

In his words; “Barr. Ezem exhibited exceptional capacity to facilitate the harmonization of organic functions of various government departments, helping to streamline focus towards the ultimate goal of delivering on the policy thrust of government.

 Chief Okey Ahiwe 

“He conducted himself at all times as a public servant conscious of his primary obligation to serving public interest, and rising above narrow loyalty to partisan considerations. In and out of office, he has maintained consummate standards of humility and humanitarian disposition for which silent achievers are often celebrated across ages and seasons.” Chief Ahiwe said.

This birthday anniversary celebration provides an auspicious occasion to honor and appreciate the extraordinary contributions of Barrister Chris Ezem to the growth and progress of Abia State. As a distinguished legal practitioner and revered political figure, his unwavering commitment to excellence in governance and dedication to the people's interests deserve resounding commendation.

Chief Okey Ahiwe's felicitation serves as an exemplary demonstration of gratitude and appreciation for individuals who have selflessly dedicated themselves to serving the public. The commemoration of Barrister Chris Ezem's birthday anniversary is not only significant to his immediate family and associates but also to the entire Abia State community. It symbolizes the importance of recognizing and acknowledging exceptional individuals who have made significant contributions to the well-being and development of their communities.

As we celebrate Barrister Chris Ezem's birthday anniversary, let us be reminded of the significance of exemplary governance, principled leadership, and the importance of honoring those who embody such qualities. Barrister Ezem's legacy continues to inspire and serves as a beacon of hope for those aspiring to make a positive difference in their communities and beyond.


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