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...Exchange of Blows at Abia State House of Assembly: the Otti Angle by John Okiyi Kalu#NwokeukwuMascot 

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 Recall that yesterday I asked for proper information to members of the public, especially Abians, regarding the exchange of hot blows and uncensored  wrestlemania at the office of the Speaker of Abia State House of Assembly shortly after the presentation of the 2024 budget estimate by Governor Alex Otti. Since the members of the house have refused to come public with the details and journalists in the state do not wish to investigate, let me help inform the public on the activities of their elected leaders.

Recently, Abia State Government released a statement that Governor Otti has “signed his first bill, “Greater Aba Development Authority (GADA) into law” and I was personally alarmed for a simple reason: I know for a fact that Governor Otti had reportedly signed a supplementary appropriation bill of more than N40bn into law before that day.

Why was Otti’s government keen on hiding that fact of signing the supplementary appropriation bill by making the GADA bill appear to be his first? Of course I will do a later review on the GADA law because I’ve examined and seen too many issues requiring attention but let’s focus the moment on the suspected deception regarding the supplementary appropriation bill which was signed into law by Governor Otti and the consequential schisms that led to a free-for-all fight and bloodletting at the Abia State House of Assembly.

 Gov Alex Chioma Otti signing the GADA Bill in his country home in Nbosi. 

According to some members of the state house of Assembly, it was only the Speaker and 5 others that worked on and surreptitiously approved the N42bn supplementary bill, went to the house of the Governor in Nvosi to present same to him for his signature. The members making the allegation claim that the Speaker and those with him collected N14m from the Governor as “thanks for a job well done” and refused to share with others.

That was how the fight started!!!

Shortly after the exit of the Governor from the house of Assembly complex on Tuesday, 12th December 2023, the house members who were meeting in the office of the Speaker started arguing about the money allegedly collected by the Speaker and some members as well as other funds allegedly doled out by the Governor that they didn’t share with others. At that point, a member representing a constituency in Abia Central Senatorial District (names deliberately withheld) punched another member representing one of the constituencies in Aba urban with the victim going down the floor like a pack of cards and blood gushing out, while another member from Abia North Senatorial District carried another member from Abia South Senatorial District skyhigh and slammed him to the ground wrestlemanua-style. PDP slammed PDP down for betrayal while LP punched LP into coma because of money not being shared appropriately.

It was pure anarchy of monumental proportions never seen in Abia House with literally all the members present being involved in the free-for-all wrestlemania and kickboxing.

In all these, I wish to demand answers to the following questions from members of Abia State House of Assembly as a citizen:

1.) Did Governor Otti sign any supplementary appropriation bill passed by the house?

2.) If the answer to 1 is yes, then why was it not made public same way the signing of GADA was made public?

3.) How much was actually given to the members involved in crafting and passing the supplementary bill?

4.) Does the fact of your parliamentary immunity within the hallowed chambers of the house also protect members who wrestle, kick and box each other during a meeting outside the hallowed chambers?

5.) Who is paying for the medical treatment of the injured house members including the old man that was slammed to the floor and the one punched out by a known bull fighter?

6.) Does the house not have disciplinary mechanism in place to check former thugs from beating up decent elected house members?

As regards the GADA law, I am coming.

After reviewing that GADA law, we shall talk about the 2024 budget estimates and its good, bad and ugly sides even though I am still wondering about the capacity of kickboxers, WWW title holders and those sworn to oath of perpetual puppetry to review the material. My major interest is the borrowing plan and the nexus to Signature Bank owned by Governor Otti.

Buy popcorn and wait….I am ready to help some people get more money from our Governor as official respondents to Okiyi. Nobody should die of hunger this season when I can still help by factually doing my job of checking the activities of those superintending over our patrimony.

-Nwandugbom JOK is waiting for answers in the wilderness….do not disturb!!


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