Defying the Odds: 26 Members of Rivers State House of Assembly Take a Stand Against Governor, Reclaiming Their Power, holds plenary(Photos) | #NwokeukwuMascot


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In a bold display of defiance, 26 members of the Rivers State House of Assembly held a plenary session at the House of Assembly Quarters, despite the ongoing power struggle with Governor Sim Fubara. The assembly members, determined to carry out their legislative duties, condemned the recent demolition of the assembly complex and instead adopted the auditorium of the assembly residential quarters as their new hallowed chamber.

The decision to convene the plenary at the House of Assembly Quarters was a clear message to Governor Fubara and his faction, who had declared the seats of the dissenting members vacant. Undeterred by this maneuver, the assembly members demonstrated their unwavering commitment to their constituents and the democratic process by convening in their chosen location.

The demolition of the assembly complex has been a contentious issue, with accusations and counter-accusations flying between the governor and the assembly members. The governor's faction insists that the move was necessary due to structural concerns, while the assembly members argue that it was a deliberate attempt to undermine their authority.

Despite the adversities they face, the 26 assembly members have shown remarkable resilience and determination. By holding their plenary session at the House of Assembly Quarters, they have not only symbolically reclaimed their legislative power but also sent a strong message of unity and solidarity.

This act of defiance highlights the deepening rift between Governor Fubara and the assembly members, as well as the growing tension within Rivers State's political landscape. The state, known for its vibrant and dynamic politics, now finds itself at a crossroads, with the power struggle threatening to undermine the stability and progress of the region.
As the situation continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how Governor Fubara and his faction will respond to this latest move by the assembly members. Will they attempt to enforce their declaration of vacant seats, or will they seek a peaceful resolution to the impasse? The coming days and weeks will undoubtedly shed light on the future of Rivers State's governance and the fate of these defiant assembly members.

In the meantime, the 26 members of the Rivers State House of Assembly continue to serve as a beacon of hope for their constituents, standing firm in their commitment to uphold democracy and the rule of law. Their unwavering determination is a testament to the resilience and strength of the Nigerian people, who refuse to be silenced in the face of adversity.


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