Otti’s Criticism: Beyond Infrastructure, A Call for Accountability, Transparency —Abia State PDP | #NwokeukwuMascot


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 In this statement, Elder Amah Abraham, the Acting State Publicity Secretary of PDP in Abia State, clarifies that their criticism towards Otti’s administration is not solely based on the lack of infrastructure development within a short period. Rather, their concern lies in his demonstrated financial recklessness, absence of accountability, and transparency.

Highlighting specific instances of concern, such as the appropriation of over N2.8 billion for security votes in just three months, N5.3 billion allocated for his office located in his private village house, and a monthly expenditure of almost N1 billion on food, Abraham emphasizes the need for responsible financial management.

Furthermore, the statement expresses discontent over the dismissal of more than 15,000 young Abians, solely due to their employment by a previous administration. Elder Abraham emphasizes the potential consequences of remaining silent, warning that Otti may continue to engage in detrimental practices and establish them as the norm for future governance.

The statement reads in full: “We are not criticizing Otti because he has not constructed flyovers or built legacies within 6 months in power because we don’t expect him to do those so soon. Yes, our criticism does not stem from his inability to deliver flyovers or other superstructures, but rather from his many recorded missteps during his time in government. 

“We criticize him for his  displayed financial recklessness, lack of accountability, and transparency. Specifically, we find fault in his appropriation of over N2.8b billion for security votes in just three months, N5.3b to run his office located in his private village house as well as his  monthly expenditure of almost N1 billion on food.

“We are unhappy he sacked more than 15,000 young Abians at a time like this simply because another administration hired them. If we keep quiet and say nothing he will do worse things and then institutionalize terrible practices in governance for others like him to copy or reference in future.” Elder Amah stated.


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