Video: Abia State’s Financial Mismanagement: A Call for Accountability - Engr. Eke O. Ako Exposes the Misuse of Funds in the Dr Otti-led Government | #NwokeukwuMascot


…Abia Is Bleeding To Death While We Celebrate Nothing - Engr. Eke O. Ako lists the daylight heist in the Dr Otti’s led Abia state government | #NwokeukwuMascot 

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Abia State, once again, finds itself in a dire situation as financial mismanagement continues to plague the government. Engr. Eke O. Ako sheds light on the alarming state of affairs, revealing the shocking misappropriation of funds by Governor Alex C. Otti and his administration.

According to official reports released by the Abia State Government, a staggering N65.5bn has been earned in the past six months alone, excluding any borrowings. Governor Otti has shamelessly claimed N14bn for road projects, promising improved infrastructure. However, the reality is far from his claims, as a mere 5km of roads have been constructed with this budget.

The remaining N51bn is equally puzzling, as it seems to have vanished into thin air. Engr. Ako poses some pressing questions that demand answers:

1. Where are the office buildings worth N1.7bn that Governor Otti supposedly built in the last six months? Why are there no pictures or evidence of their existence?

2. Can Governor Otti provide evidence of the N2.06bn worth of cars he allegedly purchased? Abians deserve transparency and accountability.

 Gov Alex Otti spends over N2.6bn on purchase of Vehicles in six months

3. What kind of research is being conducted in Abia that warrants a N2.54bn budget in just six months? The public deserves to know the details of these projects.

4. Why has Governor Otti allocated over N4bn for security in a state that is not at war? Abians need clarity on this exorbitant expenditure.

5. The running cost of the Governor’s Office, which is essentially his residence, amounts to a staggering N8.04bn in just six months. What expenses justify such an exorbitant figure?

6. Governor Otti’s travel expenses alone have exceeded N1bn in six months. Where has he been traveling to that requires such a massive budget?

7. It is mind-boggling that Governor Otti has claimed over N600m for his personal food expenses in just six months. Abians deserve an explanation for this excessive spending.

8. Despite the hefty budget of N1.4bn for the construction of school buildings, no evidence of new schools can be found. Where are the promised educational facilities?

9. The N1.6bn allocated for an agricultural facility remains a mystery. Abians need to know where this investment has gone.


10. Finally, what infrastructures, particularly in the ICT sector, have been developed with over N1bn in the past six months? The lack of progress in this area is concerning.

These examples only scratch the surface of the financial mismanagement that has plagued Abia State. It is disheartening to witness the youth of Abia, who should be demanding accountability, resorting to abuse instead. It is time for the citizens to demand transparency and ensure their common wealth is not squandered any further.

Click here to watch video of Engr Eke's exposition on ABIA FINANCIALS Q4 2023.


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